Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rich Little of the Canine Community

Taking after her dad, my little baby is becoming a comedian. Here she is doing her best Flying Nun impression. For a second you actually think you're watching a young Sally Fields.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Induced Labor Day

I almost didn't have a labor day, luckily I induced it and am have a great day!

I've been busier than a one armed man in some sort of contest that requires two arms to really have any chance at all of winning. I can't decipher who needs more attention, my wife, the dog, the job or the house. They all of coarse run a close second to myself. It's not really my fault, I am a narcissistic self absorbed artist after all.

Over the past couple of weeks we put up a fence in the backyard. The new fence partitions off a section of the yard where Nancy wants to plant a big garden. Plus that side of the yard had a picket fence in through which the dog had been planning a prison break every since we got her. Seriously, she's covered with tattoos of schematics.

Here are a couple snappy snaps of the fence building shenanigans:

Nancy "The Cement Mixer" Crowder


We didn't realize until it was too late that there was a big ol' tree trunk right where we needed to dig our last post hole. Here I am using all the wrong tools and all the wrong words to violently dig out a hole.

Nailing pickets to 2x4's is fun and not at all a pain in the ass.

When building a fence in the summer in Atlanta, this is your most important tool.

Nancy is a hypochondriac.

I dun it!


Now all I need is a midget version of Tim Allen to give advice to.

OK kids, I gotts ta write a script while I have some time on the old computing device. This is me saying, "I WILL fence you in damn-it!"