Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dog, Secret Agents, and Balls

As a lot of you are well aware, we adopted a rescue puppy/baby starter kit a week ago. We got her from a no kill shelter called Atlanta Pet Rescue. She is a Wiener crossed with a Pug. A Piener in other words. We named her Chewy and she is the most adorable little alien on Earth. Don't click HERE if you have eaten recently, because her cuteness will make you vomit rainbows.

Here is a quick note about the job I started last month. I'm project managing a show at Radical Axis for the creators of Frisky Dingo called Archer. It's really funny and really wrong. My two favorite things. You can read all about it HERE and HERE. The people working on the show are very talented and I'm learning a lot of useful stuff. The show is going to premiere in October after It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which is an amazing time slot. Hopefully it will get picked up for more episodes, we are only slated for 6 at this point. Also there is a clip of the first scene from the pilot HERE!

I'm also writing and working on a new show with my very funny improviser buddy Randy Havens. It's a Tenacious D style show about two motivational speakers. They are over the top and very unconventional, but they get the job done. They are pretty much self absorbed jerks, but they are best friends. We shot a commercial for their organization and the commercial alone should inspire you to get off your lazy ass and do something!

More to come my pets.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What happened to my free time?

Buying a house, getting a 50 hour a week job, and adopting a dog really does eat up your free time. I went from being unemployed with nothing to do all day, to having a metric ton of responsibility within a week. I'm surprised my time doesn't have whip lash.

Well my dog just peed on the floor and I have a frozen pizza in the oven, so the small block of time I tried to secure for this blog is dwindling fast. At this point I'm going to just post a quickie photoshop automatic photo gallery to show you picks of our house. From white walls to a rainbow of fruit flavors. It's a down and dirty way to do these internets, but it saved me bookoos of time.

To see the new digs click HERE!

So far this new house has helped me develop a hate/love relationship with Ikea.

I'll post pics of our cute as all get out new pooch, Chewy, as soon as I can.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Busy busy busy

Long story short, got new job, bought a house, adopted a dog.

Here is a horrible cell phone picture of our newest family member, Chewy:

We don't have internet at our house yet and i have no time at work to do crap like blog, but I promise tons of pictures to come.

Miss you, love you.