Monday, June 11, 2007

That fresh blog scent

Wow, A brand new website! Has it really been 5 years since I rolled out that tired old tiki inspired Was I ever that young?

Well here it is, the new and improved, it's got a blog that I will keep up to date with all my show info, personal thoughts and major announcements.

Since I decided to be a professional actor/writer, this site is more focused on that aspect of my life, so there are some very beautiful pictures of me in the photo section, and my acting/writing resume. I have also made it easier for you to view my videos by categorizing and You Tubing them all up. Gone are the days of the slow loading, better quality quicktimes. It's all about ease and lower quality now.

So please hire me to act and write. I'm not the best speller, but that's what spellcheck is four.