Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ricky Gervais Debate 2011

I've been reading all the crap that the media has been vomiting all over the web-o-sphere about wether or not Ricky Gervais crossed the line with his hosting of the Golden Globes. I watched his monolog and a couple of his introductions to get me up to speed. The only thing he did that I can tell is expose how incredibly inane and retarded anyone is who works for the media. Seriously? Cross the line? A joke about Hugh Heffner being old and marrying a young girl is over the line?

I love Ricky Gervais. I think he's an incredibly smart, shrewd and funny man. He's help create some of the best comedy ANYWHERE for the past 10 years. He makes me laugh, he makes himself laugh more I think, but in the process he makes me laugh. I don't know if anyone out there knows this, and I might be about to blow your mind inside out, but... comedy... is... subjective.


You mean to tell us Nick, that each person has a different sense of humor. That every individual was raised in their own bubble, having different values and experiences that shaped them into a wholly original being? WOW! You just broke new ground in human understanding.

You're welcome.

Here is my take on his jokes. I thought they were just OK. Nothing spectacular. Definitely not crossing any lines. If anything they were basic A to B jokes. A. So and so is fat. B. so and so has to get building permit to put on make up.

I watch a lot of comedy. A LOT. More than the average person. I have to, I write and perform comedy. I've learned my craft from all the brave insecure soles that came before me. Ricky Gervais's monolog was just a simple night show monolog. He did nothing new or push any boundaries, he just made simple jokes up about people that everyone knows. It's not an insult if EVERYONE in the audience thinks the same thing.

Let me break it down:

Hugh Heffner is old and marries young woman. CHECK
Charlie Sheen has a substance abuse problem. CHECK
Robert Downy Jr. HAD a substance abuse problem. CHECK
Bruce Willis' ex-wife is married to a guy as old as his daughters. CHECK
The Tourist was a bad movie. CHECK

Nothing he talked about was new or shocking to anyone. He said things that Conan, Letterman and Kimmell say EVERY night of the week.

To summarize,
1. Did he cross the line, no,
2. Were his jokes main streamy, yes.
3. Was he entertaining, definitely.
4. Should he do it again? If he causes as much of a stink, HELL YES!

I would love to hear what you think in my comments section, but no one reads my blog so I won't hold my breath.