Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Earlier Every Year

We've been leaving the dog out of her doggy jail during the day, to see if she can stay out of trouble while we're away. We've let her run amuck in the living room and kitchen a couple of times and she's been pretty good. She didn't make any long distance calls or throw any wild parties.

Last week we let her out all day while we were at work. Unfortunately the bus that Nancy usually takes home had been canceled and I had to pick her up from work. This meant we didn't make it home until around 8pm. Once we arrived home I got out of the car and headed to the mailbox. Nancy went into the house. After opening the door she exclaimed, "Oh no!" I immediately had visions of our house being covered in Chewy's signature 7 layer dip.

I made my way to the house preparing for the worst. What I discovered was a living room floor completely covered in white cotton. It looked like it had snowed in our living room. I'm kicking myself for not documenting it with photos. On the floor amid the sea of soft whiteness was one of our couch pillows, hemorrhaging its billowy fluffy entrails.

At first I was mad because I thought she had ripped the pillow open from stem to stern. Using my junior CSI Miami kit, I pronounced the pillow DOA and quipped, "This is what happens when you get sick on Thanksgiving, you lose your stuffing.", then I ripped off my sunglasses. The pillow was not in fact ripped apart, Chewy was nice enough to unzip it in order to extract it's puffy payload. She is a lady after all. We shoved all the stuffing back inside the pillow and zipped it up.

After we cleaned up all the fuzz, we realized that Chewy was just trying to help us decorate the house for Christmas. We decided to continue what Chewy started and put up our Christmas decorations.

I drew a schematic and planned out the design. It was quite a feat, seeing as we only have one outlet outside. We had already started stock piling lights, ornaments, and everything else we would need to create our holiday beacon.

Finally on Sunday we were ready. All we needed was a ladder, so I could get up on the roof. We drove to the place we spend a majority of our time at now that we own a house, the Home Depot. Owning a Honda Fit somewhat limits the length of items one can purchase. We bought a 10 foot aluminum ladder and crammed it into our clown car.


We have gutters around the house which makes it tough to maneuver onto the roof. Our new ladder stopped about a foot and a half short of the top of the house. I was able to monkey myself onto the roof with little incident.

I finished up my light hanging and it was time to descend. Either I'm a lot older and timid than I used to be, or I just seriously misjudged my abilities, but I couldn't figure out how to get off the roof without killing myself. No matter how many times I told Nancy that the gutter would fall off if I tried to get down, she still kept saying, "Just get down already." My "cat's get stuck in tree's" all the time defense had little to no effect weakening her resolve. Luckily our neighbor across the street was on his roof as well. After quite a bit of cajoling, I persuaded/forced Nancy to go over and ask to borrow his ladder.

He brought his ladder over and saved Christmas! Thanks Brad.

And now without further ado here are the pictures of the winter wonderland we created.

Hard at work.

This is how Chewy helped out.

That ain't Santa, although I'm not far behind him in the bowl full of jelly department.

That's right, I always decapitate enemy snowmen and place their heads on stakes in front of my castle.

Hey Charlie Brown... jealous?

Waiting to be rescued. Please, throw up some food, I'm wasting away.

Take that Christmas!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Archer Promo

The first couple of weeks I was working on Archer, they were putting together promos for the show. I threw one into the mix and they liked it. Low and behold it got made and below these letters is the final product.

Be sure to check the show out this coming January, it's a funny show.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Re-Issue Tuesday

I almost forgot I did this. It's been about a year, it ain't perfect, but I'm still darn proud of it.

By myself in a small room + One Month + Photoshop and Final Cut Pro =

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I know technically it's the day after Halloween, but this video I made was way to scary to post on the real Halloween. If you don't like scary stuff please please please do not watch this. You've been warned.

Also here are me and Nancy's pumpkins for the past 3 years: