Monday, July 26, 2010


This past weekend was super busy. My friend Clay Liford, an independent film maker in Dallas, asked me to play a roll in his latest feature. The title keeps changing, but as of right now it's called "WUSS", and no it isn't my life story.

On the plane to Dallas I sat beside one of the characters I play in the Night-OH-Cabaret, Shekkie Bergman's, doppelgänger. Here is a picture of Shekkie:

And here is my secret photo of his twin.

Sorry for the quality. It does have that Big Foot captured in the wild feel, which is cool. This dude even had a huge gold-nugget watch, an enormous diamond encrusted ring, and a gold chain. I felt like I owed him some sort of reimbursement check.

Back to the film. I think originally I had a much bigger role, but scheduling and the fact that I live in Atlanta might have shrunk my part. We had several talks about the script over the past couple weeks. I was supposed to be a character named Ted, so I had started learning Ted's lines.

Unfortunately there was a pretty hefty re-write that added new characters to my scenes. Half my lines were re-issued to new characters. I noticed there was a new character named Nick in the script which confused me, but I continued to learn Ted's lines.

I flew in Wednesday and that night, in a bar around 11 o'clock, Clay told me I was playing Nick, not Ted. The shoot was the next day and I was nervous that I wouldn't know Nick's lines by then, so I woke up early and looked over the script. 1... 2... 3... three lines. I went from several lines to 3 lines. A lot of actors might be sad about losing so many lines, but i was relieved.

Here I am with my scene partner Frank.

All our scenes where around a D&D game. I've never played any role playing games before. We also had to smoke fake weed. I'm just glad we didn't get fake raided by the fake DEA and thrown into fake jail.

The shoot took place in a house, I found a room with lost of ducks:

The entire shoot was 13 hours. It was fun and everyone on the shoot was great. I can't wait to see the final film. I really owned my three lines, I wouldn't be surprised if I get an Oscar nod for best supporting supporting supporting supporting actor.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday America, did you get my card?

In honor of the 4th of July, here's a video of me being attacked by Uncle Sam:

I didn't get a call on Thursday telling me I won the Butterfinger contest, I guess you guys didn't pray hard enough. Oh well.

In an attempt to drown my sorrows I made a video of my Dog, Chewy, enjoy.