Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NFNRNCGN Episode 1

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone. With the economy so bad we may only be able to afford the turkey and the duck for our Turducken this year. It won't be the same, but times are hard and sacrifices must be made, virgin sacrifices.

Unfortunately for our landlady I haven't worked all week, but fortunately for you that means I can make videos. Maybe it's unfortunate for both of you. At any rate, I had an epiphany after making my last video and decided to turn it into a series. I shot the first episode yesterday and finally finished it up this morning. It turned out pretty good.

I got my buddy Ricki Derek's new album in the mail yesterday as well. Besides it sounding amazing, all my art design looked good. It's exciting to be a part of such a great project even if it's just photoshopinating stuff. You should totally buy the album, unless you haven't bought one of my DVD's. Do that first, then buy his album.

The best thing is, he covers the Cure's "Why can't I be like you" and the idea slapped me in the face like a drunk Willaim Shatner, to use the song as the theme for my new series. With Ricki's blessing I used his new version of the song and it's thematically perfect. Thanks Ricki, and thanks Robert Smith.

These are a bitch to shoot and edit, and I really would rather be using my free time to do paying work, but if things are slow I'll try and make some new episodes soon. Please let me know what you think in the comments section and if you like it, send it to your friends. Also fucking hire me to write for your show.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

WTF Video

I shot a new video today, it was pretty hard to coordinate with just me here by myself, and it isn't exactly what I wanted, but it is really weird. Enjoy.

Cracking the Pandora Code

I did it folks, after years of trying I cracked the Pandora code. If you haven't found the website yet, it's really cool. It's a great way to listen to music at work. You type in a group you like and it plays music that "sounds like" that band. So far I've had spotty results. It's usually good about 63% of the time.

After trying to get the perfect station I finally did it. If you like indy mod sort of Britishy rock this is the best thing going. Type in "The Strokes" as the band and you will be treated to a barrage of awesome music including the Killers, Weezer, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, Muse, Modest Mouse and tons of other great groups. You have the option of skipping a song if you don't like it and I can honestly say I have never skipped a song on this station. And the best part is there are no commercials or DJs.

I haven't been working this week which always depresses me. I hate not being able to bring money into the household. I've been trying to network like crazy, to get some contacts in the writing world. It seems as if the evil fingers of this horrible recession have gripped the entertainment industry as well. People aren't looking to hire any new fresh raw talent. BTW talent is best raw, with a little wasabi.

To pass the time and try to get a more up to date writing sample I just finished the first draft of a "My Name is Earl" spec script. A spec script has to be of a current show in production. You write it in an attempt to get an agent. The script shows that you can write a show in the voice of that show. It won't ever get made and they tell you not to write a script for a show you actually want to work on.

At any rate it's pretty much done, all I have to do is tighten a couple screws and polish the chrome. It's my third spec script. They are hard to write, because you know that nothing will ever happen with it. Unless you get an agent out of it. If any of you can suggest a good agency to send my sample to please e-mail me.

I think I'll make another video today to pass the time. I love you guys. Except you. You creep my shit out.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Video

It's been a while since I posted a "Nick Gibbons' Players" video. If you're new to the blog, these are sketches I shoot, edit, and star in all by myself in my apartment in just a couple of hours. I usually try to do them if I have a free day without anything going on.

This new one is a character bit I've wanted to do on stage for a long time. This one was tough to pull off, it has a lot of set up, and I don't think I got it quite right in this clip, but I think the potential is there and I think it actually might go over better live.

Anyway here it is, sorry it's such bad quality, You Tube sucks balls these days as far as video quality is concerned.

It ain't the best one, but it's cute. I just had a brain fart on a much better way to pull this bit off, start the bit with a news anchor talking about this guy and how he was tortured in his parents basement. Do it real seriously, then end it with his stand up routine. BAM, GOLD! That's why I get paid the big bucks, and in my world "Big Bucks" actually means no money at all.

I have a lot of these type of character bits, which I am now calling my "Failed Stand Up Comedian Bits". Maybe I'll shoot a couple of more of them.

Now it's time for random pics. First up the pumpkins me and the little woman carved for All Hallows Eve.

Next up a pic of the little doggy we dog sat last weekend, Cleetus.

Here she is giving me her famous, "What the hell is your problem" face. Priceless.

While we were in New York, we passed a theater playing Nick and Norahs Infinite Play List. I told Nancy to snap a pick of the name Nick as it came around on the revolving markie. She did a bang up job I think. Narcissist 1/Humble 0.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Album Cover

I've been working for months on the artwork for my buddy's new album. It's sort of been a real pain in the ass, but he paid me so that took a little of the pain away. Money is like the Advil of the working world.

Anyway I heard a couple cuts off the very soon to be released album while I was in Dallas and it sounds great. He has a full 16 piece band on this one. As if that wasn't cool enough, he does a Cure cover. That's worth the price of admission by itself.

I thought I'd post the cover for all to see. He is having the release party/concert this coming November 15th at the Lakewood Theater in Dallas, and no he didn't even ask me to plug it, I did it all on my own.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I personally don't give two shits who you vote for, but for goodness sake get out there and vote! If you don't, you totally give up your right to complain about the country for the next 4 years. I don't know about you, but my favorite thing to do is form uneducated, non researched opinions about politics and argue them with people. Besides, Starbucks is giving away free coffee if you vote. There are like 20 Starbucks within a 2 mile radius from me right now. I can go to everyone and get a free cup of coffee and stock pile that shit! I'll have enough coffee to last me three days, saving me more than 400 dollars! Totally worth it.