Sunday, March 28, 2010

Screening Process

I stapled up the screen today and I can't make a fist anymore. It's probably for the best because I'm always starting bar fights. I used three boxes of staples, literally hundreds of staples...LITERALLY!!!

Metal screening is evil. It looks all nice and smooth, but the edges will poke and prick the shitballs out of you when you lest expect it. It's like a defense mechanism. I have so many tiny holes in my fingers and palm now. Do you remember in the cartoons when a character would get all shot up then drink water and it would pour out of the holes? That's like my hands, only it's blood.

I'm thinking of taking off the word recognition filter, so the spambots can leave comments again, since none of you jerks do.

This Old Hut

Talked to my neighbor again, and of course he told me I did my roofing wrong. In retrospect I knew I was doing it wrong, but I was so happy I got the roll roofing up the ladder without dying that I ignored my inner carpenter.

Facing the fact that a spent money on something that took me all day to do that I might have to respend the money then redo he job, ignited a 6 hour bout of depression. UNTIL I talked to my dad, who suggested the roll roofing in the first place, and he told me he did the same thing and to buy a 5 gallon buck of this stuff called Henry's roof seal. You basically roll it over the entire roof like paint and it seals the ever loving crap out of it. Problem solved, Nick undepressed.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Not one, not two, but TWO videos today!!!!!

Got the rafters up AND got on the roof for the first time. It's been a big day, BIG I TELL YA!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shaping up

Things are shaping up pretty good so far on the screened in porch. Hoping to get the roof on this week.

And in case you needed to fill your cute quota for today:

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Hammering nails all day isn't my idea of fun, but that's how I spent my Saturday. I guess being unemployed means every day is Saturday anyway. Nancy helped me raise the walls, not so bad for a girl. Afterward, we felt just like the Amish.

Weekend Update

Made a quick video of the progress today. Also made a number 2, but I won't post that up here don't worry.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Blog Entry

Hey guys, I put together a sort of mock up of what the screened in porch will look like yesterday, to get a better idea of how I will put it together. Here is a side view of the frame.

After doing a little research about framing walls and joists and crap like that, and seeing this mock up, I'm not as freaked out about the whole thing. I was a little scared about the walls and roof to be honest. It was holding construction back. But now I have a plan and I'm fired up!

Having the 2x4's delivered tomorrow. Not all of them, just working on the back wall to start.

Going on an open call audition Monday. I haven't auditioned for anything in a long time, but I'm not nervous about it at all. It will be nice to willingly be judged by people I don't know for a change. Fingers crossed.

I also enabled a word verification thingie in my comments section, suck on that spambots!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Suck My Deck

In the last video I said I couldn't decide if I wanted to start screwing on the deck. By that I don't mean having sex on it, although that would be awesome, I meant putting the decking onto the support structure. Well I decided at 5pm to start, and at 8pm I was done! Well.... almost done, I was short 2 12 foot deck boards, so I borrowed my sister-in-laws SUV, thanks Amy, and picked up the final pieces this morning.

A screw here and a screw there and BAM:

Now I have to figure out how to do the screened in porch.

On a personal note, I'm looking for writing/production coordinator work to help pay for, among other things, the deck and my mortgage. If any of my friends at studios out there know of some job openings send um my way. I love you guys!

Double Decker

Not letting the rain stop me, I powered through:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Upper Decker

Been hard at work on the deck today, finished up the support beams for the decking and am ready to lay the floor!

My manly meter is quickly approaching Grizzly Adams.

I'll Deck You!

Was watching a commercial for the new "How to Train Your Dragon" movie, and the announcer said at the end, "In 3-D!" then he said really fast "Also showing in 2-D". I thought that was really funny for some reason. As if they had to do something special to the film to make it 2-D. Retro fitting it.

I guess we have rounded a corner where 3-D is more accepted. Regular old stinky 2-D is getting the backseat. I haven't actually seen ANY of the movies that have been realesed in 3-D, actually in 3-D yet. Nancy refuses to go and I could give two shits about wearing glasses during a movie so it looks like stuff is flying at my face. I have enough crap flying at my face for real. I feel like an old person that hates that darn loud rock-n-roll crap the kids are listening to these days.

I got a new baby brother for my circular saw today. They say you can tell alot about a man by the size of his drill bit.

If for some reason my brother-in-law reads this blog entry, which is highly unlikely because NOBODY reads this blog, he will notice I did have to buy a new drill. This is due to the fact that, yes, I did indeed kill your drill. It put up a good fight, but in the end the old girl couldn't manage. I buried her in the backyard. It was a very tasteful ceremony. Not the most expensive package they offered, but still tasteful.

Here is the fourth installment of the on going series about building a deck. Suck it Vila!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Full Deck

I'm extremely tunnel visioned when it comes to projects I start, almost to the point of OCD. It's been raining for two days causing the construction of the deck to grind to a hault. It's driving me crazy.

Here is the state the deck is in right now, minus the water:

I want to get out there and screw some wood onto those freaking posts!

I keep looking out the window and checking to see if my posts are OK, like a nervous father when his children are playing in the backyard alone for the first time. I get a sense of pride as I see my brave little solders all standing at attention. Nothing falters them, not even the pounding rain. They stand up straight, waiting to support their dads weight on hot summer nights. Stay ever vigilant my little ones, your time will come.

Got this at Home Depot this morning, daddy's first power tool.

The rain let up and I was able to cut the 4 inch pieces of 2"x4" needed for the deck. AT&T guy called and said he was on his way. We are ditching Comcrap and getting AT&T because they are leaps and bounds better. Weeeeeeee!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Decked Out

Here is another video yo!

Also, just watched Zombieland, not as great as everyone said, also not what I expected at all, but very good nonetheless. The trailers don't do it justice and give you a very false sense of the movie's voice. I had fun watching it and definitely recommend it. Two bitten off thumbs in my mouth up.

Deck the Yard

Here is the first video sort of documenting the screened in porch I'm attempting to build.

Also going to put a new and improved cut of the Aqua Rangers up today. It will just rplace the one that is in the blog entry below this one. An editor friend of mine gave me some really constructive criticism and some good places to trim, and after throwing a baby tantrum I agreed with him. Now it's leaner and meaner.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Holy Enshortened Aqua Rangers!

Hi guys, I just finished editing down the Aqua Rangers from 47 minutes to 20 minutes. It took a lot longer than I wanted it to take. I also changed the timing of a lot of gags. It feels pretty good to me. I did it so I could submit it to a TV pilot festival.

If you have 20 minutes to kill check it out below:

Let me know what you think in the comments section. Also if you've never even heard of the Aqua Rangers, and want to buy the full length DVD complete with commentaries and some really funny behind the scenes and extra stuff, for the love of Pete click HERE!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Did you miss me?

Sorry, I lost my blog over a month ago and just found it under a pile of magazines on the coffee table. No doubt all of you are just dying to know what has been going on in my life for the past month. What was that? I couldn't hear you over the crickets.

I know there's no excuse for ignoring my blog, it's selfish and shallow. Just like having a blog in the first place. The show I was project managing was kicking my ass. The last thing I wanted to do when I got home was stare at a computer some more. Well, we finally finished the first season of Archer and are now on the dreaded hiatus. Good news is we got a second season, bad news is it doesn't start back up for another "unpaid" month.

This break will give me a chance to catch up on a few things, important things like blogging. After all, nothing is more important than informing the spam-bot that keeps leaving grammatically inept comments about financial security and comments in Japanese on my blog entries. I'm not deluded enough to think that anyone reads this damn thing and the only reason I'm doing a blog is to have a record of my life. When I get Alzheimers, I can read this blog and say, "Who the hell is this guy, and why is he so lame?"

Without further delay, here are a couple of things that have happened over the long blog break. I hope you are all seated with your safety harness firmly strapping you in, and please keep your hands and legs inside the blog at all time.

I applied for a job at a video game company recently. They required a 1500 word writing sample. I have a buddy that works there and he told me it should be space related, so I wrote an excerpt from a story/script hybrid. It was very sci-fi novel-ish. 1678 words, and a week later I got the old thanks but no thanks e-mail. I printed it out and pasted it on the wall of rejection letters, I've almost wallpapered the guest room at this point.

I had a lot of fun writing it though, and I've decided to actually write a shitty sci-fi pulp novel. I'm 2008 words in and its as good as one would expect. I'm planning to tinker with it each day when I don't have a hundred other things to do. It's not at the top of my list of projects to finish, but it is a good filler. Out of a fit of laziness I'm planning to write it blind, and by that I mean just go where the story takes me as I write. Lately I've been a hyper planner when it comes to writing, but this is just for fun, so screw it.

I have also decided to use some of my time off to build a screened in porch/tiki hut at the end of our yard. We have a creek behind our house and the thought of hanging out outside without some sort of proactive barrier frightens me, because the mosquitoes in Atlanta are as big as a Yugos and unionized. I plan to post little videos of the process so when I'm in court because I didn't apply for any permits from the city they will have an ironclad case against me.

Now here are random photos of things that have taken place over the past couple months. Some of them I have posted on facebook, but my mom doesn't have a facebook account so this is more for her. Hi mom.

Here I am as the village blacksmith in an episode of an improv show called Monster Movie at Dad's Garage. I ended up smelting an amazing sword so heavey no one could pick it up.

Nancy has been really good at teaching the dog tricks. Here Chewy is reading a book with Nancy. It's not THAT impressive, Chewy can only read at a 5th grade level.

I was in another show at Dad's called Murder She Improvised, which is an improvised murder mystery. This particular episode I was a bass fisherman named Skeet.

We took Chewy for a walk in Piedmont Park a while back and I found Santa's sleigh. We still haven't found his body and fear the worst.

This is from another Murder She Improvised, here I played championship wrestler Dusty Pancakes. I put on some weight for the role.

Remember the day it snowed? Everywhere?

They are rebooting the sitcom Home Improvement, this was my audition.

I had a cough for about two months. Instead of just ignoring it until I died, Nancy made me go to the doctor. He took a chest x-ray. Not on this machine, I had to stand in front of the wall next to this machine, but a picture of the wall wasn't as cool.

Apparently, according to this "doctor", I have high blood pressure. I was all like, "No I don't fuck you Doc!" Then he was like "No, Fuck you!" and I was like "Fuck you Doc." Then he put his cigarette out on my arm, and now you know what happens at my doctor when you spill paint in the garage.

There's this bad ass walking trail in our neighborhood. We had walked all the way to what we thought was then end of the trail about 7 months ago. We took another walk on it this past weekend and it seems like if we would have turned right and walked 20 more feet at the end of the trail the first time, we would have seen this:

It's a good thing we brought our spray paint, after tagging the wall we went back home.

That's all for now.... or is it? Here is a bonus video. My buddy Ricki Derek had a Christmas show in December. Unfortunately I couldn't make it down to be in the show, but I put together a little video segment for the show and it's safe to show now. Enjoy?