Friday, May 9, 2008

Beard Update

We're three weeks into the beard:

Even though it looks like it in this picture, I'm not drunk. I'm not fat either... OK so maybe I'm fat.

I'm giving it one more week, then it's time to start shaving it into ridiculous formations.

As many of you know, I now live in Atlanta, or as I call it, Turner Network. A couple of weeks ago, my buddies Craig and Matt were able to slip a copy of the Aqua Rangers to the guys that run the website called "Super Deluxe". It's a website that features short comedy films. Super Deluxe is owned by Turner, and unlike a lot of other comedy themed sites, Super Deluxe will actually pay you for your work.

I was super excited because I just knew they would leap at the chance to buy 7 episodes of a funny show that's already finished and ready to go. I was crushed to find out that they didn't like it, or more specifically, didn't think it was a good "fit" for the site.

I'm not gonna lie, that really knocked the wind out of my sails for a while. I know Aqua Rangers isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination.There are 100s of things I would like to change about it, but it's as good, if not better than most of the internet series' out there.

For a week or so I was really bummed. I never let disappointments like that hold me down for to long. The only way to succeed in this game is to keep moving forward, even when the treadmill's going the wrong direction.

This week it was announced that Super Deluxe was shutting it's cyber doors and was being folding into the Adult Swim website. I tend to think if I would have been able to get this into their hands a year ago things might have been different.

I kind of think that's the reason they "passed" on it more than them not liking it. At least that's what I'm telling my reflection from now on.

So I'll continue on my journey, not letting road blocks and pot holes derail my boat to planet success.

On a related note, they liked my story ideas for my pitch and are moving forward. Next they'll put together a pitch packet. I'm totally excited about that, because my buddy Todd will be doing character designs for the show. He's a very talented artist here at Radical who has worked on Aqua Teen, Squid Billies, and 12oz Mouse. He's awesome. Check my links to see his greatness.

Bad news was, they want me to change the title. Now I have to think of a new title. I've had this show idea for so long that it's difficult to think of it with a new title, but you gotta do what you gotta do.


dicky van tastic said...


my mom always said, "when life hands you lemons, then tell that bitch to fuck off and throw that rotten fruit right back in its fucking face." Mom was a dear sweet saint of a woman.

miss you buddy...Dicky

Sam said...

Hey, FUCK SUPER DELUXE!!! I've been to that site. It is not funny. It is where those dumbass, totally non-funny, ass ponies Tim and Eric put stuff. THAT SHIT SUX HUGE DONKEY BALLS!!! I am so insulted that that stuff gets on. I can't stand it. A retard crapping on a cat is funnier than anything those two ass clowns have ever or will ever put out.