Friday, May 16, 2008

Beard Deconstruction Week: Day 5

FRIDAY: The Chan

This one looks horrible. By far the nastiest facial hair formation to date. Score!

I've been playing GTA 4, pretty much everyday for the past two weeks. It's an amazing game. My video gaming history goes back over 25 years. From the time I was a little kid with the nickname "Gimme Gibbons" because I was always begging for quarters, until now when I just play after my wife goes to bed, coming to work with red eyes and sore thumbs. I'm a gamer through and through.

One thing has stayed consistent throughout my gaming career, and that's my penchant for getting way angrier at an inanimate object than anyone should. If I mess up or get killed I will throw a mini temper tantrum, complete with flailing arms and a myriad of profanity. Granted I have to whisper my string of cursing now because the wife is asleep, but the sentiment is still there. I've even thrown a controller a time or two.

And yet even after 25 odd years of game playing, the thought never occurred to me that I'm supposed to mess up. Last night I realized if I played perfectly through a game the first time, that it wouldn't be any fun. It wouldn't be rewarding to finish if I just sat there and robotically went through the motions without any problems. In essence, I shouldn't be frustrated when I screw up, I should celebrate, because that means I'm doing it right. I'm being challenged. Plus how retarded is it for a 35 year old man/boy to get pissed off at a video game?

I'll still get mad, it's that emotion that drives people to want to do better. I'll just know in the back of my head that the anger is a sign of the human need to be awesome.


Tonight in L.A. at the Viper room, the band Year Long Disaster is having the premiere party for their new video. There will be special guests and it's going to be a lot of fun. Oops, they forgot to invite the guy that animated, storyboarded, and edited the entire video all by himself in less than a month working 9 hour days 6 days a week. Minor oversight I suppose. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

The video should be popping up all over the place after this weekend. I'll post a better link of it when it appears on you tube.


sam said...

you look like a cholo or something.

are you stealing cars and beating up hookers in real life because it seems so cool on the video game? I thought so.

you did the video for free. you're their bitch. bitches don't get invited anywhere.

Nick Gibbons said...

No I got paid, such is this business. It was a job, and once I did it, that's it. They forget your name and I disappear into the night. I'm a whore Sam, not a bitch.

Anonymous said...


Nick Gibbons said...

Pipe and a Pancake?