Friday, May 2, 2008

Beard Contest 2008

Me and my boss Craig are having a beard contest. I generally only let my facial hair sprout for about a week before I hack up my face in an attempt to shave the prickly follicles.

When i met Craig 3 months ago he had an 10 inch beard. About two weeks ago he shaved it all off and i made the mistake of saying we should have a beard growing contest. I've not shaved in two weeks and here is what my face area looks like.

Craig always has a beard. That's his thing. The contest was lost for me before it began, but this was a good excuse to see what the hell my beard would look like if I let it take over my face for a while. My problem is my wife hates it. She says it's to scratchy and wiry. Now it has become a "Who can annoy their wife longest" contest.

I give me another week before my wife starts contacting lawyers to have divorce papers drafted up.


dicky van tastic said...

And I thought your wife was your beard. Now I know.

sam said...

I figured it would take you 5 minutes to grow a full beard.