Monday, May 19, 2008

Adult Swim Website

My video is on the front page of the Adult Swim webpage! Way to go me! I actually had no hand in that, it was all Matt Maiellaro's pull that got that to happen. At any rate that means I can now embed it into my blog for you guys that were to lazy to follow the link a while back. Here it is:

Visit it on the actual page HERE and give it a 10. If you have a second.

I'll post the 5 second piece I did in order to get the gig tomorrow.



M. E. Davis said...

Way to go!

dicky van tastic said...

Can I believe that's me standing next to you in the video, please?

I'm very proud you of you, just the same.

sam said...

that's my boy, Nicky!!

You are awesome!