Monday, September 17, 2007

People are dumb, not you... you're one of the good ones

Why is everyone so fucking shocked when Sarah Silverman says something "shocking". That's her schtick. She's been the semi-pretty girl that says vagina, aids, fuck and talks about black people for her entire career. She's literally had the same "act" for over ten years. It's WHY she's famous. I'm not buying all these retarded tv critics freaking out over her making "subversive", "off-color", or "mean spirited" comments on TV. It's like they all just pulled their heads out of their asses last week, wiped the shit out of their eyes and ears, and saw her on the MTV music awards for the very first time. Which, if I know my media, they might actually just have done that.

I'm sick of people acting surprised when Lindsy Lohan decides to take a role in a crappy movie about a sassy teenager trying to find herself in a small northern town, then not showing up for work because she just snorted a big bag of cocaine of her moms tits at a rave her dad threw.

I'm tired of people freaking out when Britney Spears is drunk at a party every night of the week and flashes her poonanny as if anyone on earth hasn't seen it yet. I guarantee their are starving children in Africa that haven't eaten a meal in weeks that have seen Britney's Va J-J. I find it hard to believe that anyone thinks she is any smarter than a monkey with downsyndrome.

Why do people care? Why are these the lead stories on CNN. Why is OJ stealing a baseball card from a hotel room after a wedding reception on the front page of my newspaper. If I did that, I'd be lucky to get on the front page of a one page leaflet, that happened to be about me stealing a baseball card from a hotel room after a wedding reception.

My wife has crazy friends that she keeps telling me stories about. Then after she's done, she always says, "Can you believe that?" I ALWAYS say, "Yes, yes I can believe that, she is crazy, she does crazy shit over and over again. Why are you continually surprised?"

I think she should start her stories with, "It's time for another episode of My Crazy Ass Friend, starring (So and So). Tonight's episode...", think of a title, then tell me the story. That way it's more fun for me because it's like a show. It's like an episode of I Love Lucy, I'm all like, "I wonder what that wacky (so and so) is up to this time." I know the characters, I expect them to be crazy, and I'm never surprised by them doing something insane.

Maybe it would take the drama out of life if people didn't over react when these idiot celebrities do something completely in their character. But damn it I refuse to be surprised the next time Andy Dick gets drunk and high and attacks then fucks a mannequin in Macy's.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, well that's interesting about, Nick Gibbons, are always telling me about your friends and how you give them the most wonderful adivce in the world and how dare they not take that advice when you are always if everyone listened to you we'd be all right, right?

Nick Gibbons said...