Friday, September 7, 2007

I Love L.A.

Got up and Continental Breakfasted the fuck out of our motel then hit the road. Hollywood here we come!

It was about a 3 hour drive into L.A. We met a really good buddy of mine from college, Ryan McCracken. He's freaking crazy.

We were crashing at his place Friday and Saturday night, so he was in charge of us. If anyone out there knows Ryan, they know that having him in charge will definitely keep things interesting. We met him and his girlfriend Mita. They had been playing frisbi golf and drinking all morning. Three of Mita's friends where along for the ride as well. We were hungry so they took us to this little Cuban sandwich shop. It was really good. Ryan said they had the best coffee in L.A., but at this point had already consumed way to much coffee. One more cup and either my heart would have exploded or I would have shit in my pants. Or both!

We decided to hang out at Mita's house for a while. Mita and her friends headed back to her place. Nancy, Ryan and myself set off to grab some beer on the way to Mita's. There was a shifty looking party store next to the place we got beer and Ryan decided the party needed a piñata, but not just any piñata, a freaking huge ass Curious George piñata.

The next stop was the grocery store to buy some candy to stuff into George's body cavity . Along with the candy we bought a package of super balls and three lottery tickets to go in the piñata. We finally made it to Mita's house. She lived in a little Latino neighborhood, I think it was called Los Angeles.

She had a really adorable place. Here's Nancy telling everyone where vampires bite people.

After filling the piñata with candy, me and Ryan filled it with a little sugar! Oh yeah!

Look at the determination and commitment in my piñata smashing face. I'm thinking of going pro.

George gets hit square in the gonads, and looses all his curiosity.

Things took a turn for the worse when the piñata insulted Ryan's mama.

This little guy was freaking out on our candy. Unfortunately we found him the next morning still stuck to the lollipop. He totally overdosed. Apple flavored suckers are like crack for bees. Sweet sweet crack.

After dismembering the piñata, we found fun ways to use it's lifeless limbs.

WARNING: The below image depicts graphically violent images of piñata cruelty. View at your own risk.

This is pretty disturbing as well. If you're afraid of midgets or piñata's then turn away now.

After destroying the paper mache monkey, Ryan told us we had to see the 3 foolish dogs that lived across the street.

The neighbor's yard was on a hill, and the dogs were able to hop up on top of the garage that faced the street. Anytime another dog would walk down the sidewalk, these three dogs hopped up on top of the garage and yapped it up. They had a specific order they sat in every time. It was really funny.

Fueled on beer and violence, the group wanted to walk down the street to this local bar and grab a drink. Ryan decided to take his beer with him, but he didn't have anything to wrap it in, so we improvised.

That's it for now, more L.A. soon!

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