Tuesday, September 4, 2007

ONE MAN SHOW!!!!!!!!!

I have to take a break in the vacation blog to write about my One-Man Show. It's THIS Wednesday at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York City.

Here is the info:

Nick Gibbons presents Nick Gibbons in: Nick Gibbons'
One-Man Show "Nick Gibbons Needs and Agent" Written
and Directed by Nick Gibbons
Upright Citizens Brigade Theater
307 West 26th St.
at the corner of 8th Ave and 26th St.
Wednesday September 5th
Because you love me so darn much!
How Much:
5 bucks
(212) 366-9176

And here is the flyer:

The Vacation post take a lot of time so I probably won't get another one out until the show is over, I have to spend every second learning my lines. I'm realizing now that I should have made my show all mime.

Please stop in and watch me trip over the words I am trying desperately to shove into my limited memory.

I just made a gay ass commercial for my One-Man Show:

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