Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Every time I do laundry I get a craving for Mexican food

Me and the wifey did laundry today. We fold it at the laundry matt because they have a long white sterile table there. They always have the Spanish radio station playing and every time we get to the folding part I start to get a craving for Mexican food. I love Mexican food to begin with, so it doesn't take much to nudge my cravings in that direction.

I want EVERY person from Texas to know that New York has the worst Mexican food on the entire planet. There's not one place here that has good Mexican food. It floors me that a city with 100's of great Italian, Thai, Greek, Indian and pretty much any other category of food, doesn't have at least one good Mexican joint. There are places that are OK mind you, but not great. They either don't get close to the greasy awesomeness that it should be, or they have a nuevo chic hipster twist on Mexican food.

Every time I visit Dallas I eat as much Mexican food as I can. I try in vain to make up for all the fantastic meals I've missed. It's never enough and my friends and family are sick of it by the time I leave. I'm like a crack fiend for Mexican food. I crave the chips and salsa. I crave the cheese dip that has guacamole, beef and sour cream at the bottom. I crave the tacos that fall apart because the ground beef grease as dissolved the shell. I crave the hot melted cheese covered enchiladas that you can see the hot lines rising up from. I crave the Mexican rice and re-fried beans that come with anything you order, even desert.

I'll be in Dallas in less than a month, and I'm making room to shovel as much of that sweet sweet greasy melted godlike food as I can into my body!!!!

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