Thursday, September 6, 2007

Bubble bubble Toil and Trouble

OK, in the last blog about Monterey, I forgot to mention the funniest thing that happened. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of this occurrence, but I did have to get clearance from Nancy to talk about it. Here goes nothin!

We both noticed that our room at the Ramada Inn had a bathtub with those massaging jet thingies. So we thought we should take a bath together, but don't worry we wore our bathing suits. We started running the water and of course we both agreed that a bubble bath kicks a regular baths ass up and down the court all day long. We poured some shampoo in the water and the bubbles started to form.

Both of us hopped into the tub and got ready to relax after a long day of driving and walking. Neither one of us had ever worked one of these massaging jet bathtub things, and to our defense there wasn't any instructions anywhere. The water level was about half way submerging the jets, and I knew in the back of my head that we should probably wait until the water was completely over the jets. I got impatient and decided to start the fun early. I hit the button and the jets erupted with a burp and shot out a stream of water which hit my leg. This redirected the stream into a fountain that started spraying water all over the bathroom. I frantically try to turn the jets off, which didn't work right away. After some slippery screaming and scrambling I got the jets turned off.

We laughed it off and waited until the water level was high enough. It's at this point that I have to interject. The worst thing about bubble baths is there's never enough bubbles to make it seem super cool like in the movies. Well, we accidentally found a way to change that. We turned the jets back on, and they function properly. We sat back and let the jets massage us. After a minute or two we noticed the bubbles had doubled in volume. Then tripled. The bubbles are seriously enormous at this point and over taking the bathtub. It was like a horror movie, where an alien bubble monster was attacking two high-school kids. We realized that the jets were fueling the bubble production so we turned the jets off. Then we decide we wanted to see how big the bubbles would get. Let me just say that we could have filled our mile long hotel room with bubbles had we wanted.

It was crazy awesome, but I'm almost 100% positive that had there been instructions, it would have warned against any use of bubble bath and the jets at the same time.

After the awesome bubble bath we settled in for bed and stumbled across the Karate Kid on TV. We watched the rest of it and drifted off into dream land.

The next day we hit the Continental Breakfast, and I realized that we had become little homeless people at this point, scarfing down free food every chance we got.

Back in the Kia and off to San Simeon.

We were finally on the famed highway 1. It was an amazing drive. I can see now why so many drunk actors have lost their life on that stretch of highway. I was sober and still scared shitless. The highway almost dares you to drive off of it.

Here is a picture on the highest bridge in the world, or something like that, I can't remember. I was too busy trying not to see if our rental car could fly. I'm pretty sure we didn't pay for that feature, and we didn't rent the car from M.A.S.K.

We were driving for about an hour when I realized I had forgotten to get gas before we left Monterey. It was a tad bit tense in the car at this point considering we were driving on a highway where it would be physically impossible to have a gas station.

Our next stop was a national park in Big Sur that Nancy wanted to take a hike in. We make it there without running out of gas, but we're seriously running on fumes at this point. We ask the park ranger, who I swear to god was Lindsy Lohan, where was the next gas station. I guess people become park rangers for a reason, because this girl had the people skills of a dead raccoon. After sort of staring at us for a second she said it was 2 miles up the road. At this point I felt like Neo from The Matrix as the bullets flew by, just bearly missing me.

With our gas worries over, we paid 8 bucks to park, then bought a map of the trails for a buck. My argument was, for 8 bucks the map could have been free. So, map in hand, we were off to explore. And yes, the name of the trail was Creamery Meadow. Not sure what to say about that...

We decided to take the path less traveled, and that made all the difference, and by all the difference, I mean we got devoured by tigers.

Here I am posing for Adventurer Monthly.

Here are some random pictures from the trail.

This is the tree of life. It told us tails of nature and of mans unthinking selfish destruction of this beautiful land. Then I had to take a piss behind it and we continued on the trail.

We made our way down to the beach.

There was tons of seaweed on the beach.

I noticed something weird about this pile, but couldn't ever put my finger on what was strange about it.

I stood in one place and slowly turn all the way around and took 15 pictures so I could try and make a 360 degree picture. It was a pain the ass putting it together in photoshop, but it totally worked.

We made our way back to the car and immediately went to the gas station. There was only two pumps and we pulled up behind these douche bag bikers that weren't even filling up anymore. They just stood there and talked while we waited behind them. I almost went Billy Jack on their asses, but then I realized they were probably accountants and lawyers and would have sued the shit out of me for assault. I did manage to get an awesome picture of one of their old ladies in her leather jacket with kick ass fringe everywhere.

Next stop was lunch at a place that was right on the side of the mountain. Everyone familiar with this drive recommended this place to us. And after eating there, I too must recommend this amazing restaurant to everyone making this journey. It was absolutely fantastic. One of the best hamburgers I've ever had. The place is called Nepenthe. Here are some pictures of the place. You can't see the view that well because the camera didn't pick up detail in the background, and it was a little foggy that day. The view looked fine if you were using your eyes however, and it was great.

See how happy this place made us.

Here is what we had for desert. Banana cream pie and capuchino.

Here is an artsy picture of our desert.

Remember those asshole bikers? Here's their asshole biker dog.

I have to break this day up into two blogs, next time I will conclude this day, and someone will die! (Scary Music Plays)

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