Saturday, September 1, 2007

Mount a Ray

The next stop on the West Coast Tour of 2007 was Monterey.

Although we were staying at Nancy's Uncle's house, I'm still calling our breakfast there a Continental Breakfast. We loaded up and made the 3 hour drive. Nancy told me we were going to the Aquarium there and I said OK, because I'm scared of her. The aquarium is on the beach next to a tourist trap full of gift shops and restaurants on the water. It was the cutest capitalism I had seen in a long time.

On the way to the aquarium, this happened.

It didn't ever move, so I guessed that the dude wearing the suit must have died several days earlier.

The aquarium was nice, especially if you like fish. It was a pretty good aquarium as far as aquariums go, but the best part was watching the freaking cutest animals God every used evolution to create. These guys...

They were so funny and adorable. I looked for them on the menu at the seafood place where we ate lunch, but they must be a seasonal thing.

We loved the otters so much we immortalized them on our refrigerator.

I took a picture of this one legged bird.

They had this really pretty glass sculpture thing at the aquarium. If anyone from the aquarium is reading this blog, let me apologize again. The crazy glue is in the mail on it's way to you as we speak.

We were pretty hungry after looking at all the swimming food, so we stopped in at a little place on the way back to the car for some lunch. It was pretty empty and they had a nice patio. Here is Nancy obviously enjoying herself on the patio.

I was complacent as well.

Here is what we each ordered. Looks good right?

Now look at it with the special dressing on top. Doesn't look as good, but it was.

We stopped off at this candy store and bought some taffy for the road. It didn't have any jokes written on the wrappers, but it was still pretty good. They had like a million different flavors to choose from. The best flavors I got were the vanilla, banana, and root-beer. The flavors that weren't so good were wood, gum disease, and dandruff.

We wanted to check into our hotel so we hopped in the car. It was a Ramada Inn about 10 miles north of Monterey. Our room was literally the longest room we had ever been in. It was the normal size across, but from the front door to the window it was like 500 feet. It felt like we were staying in a hallway.

Nancy started dicking around with what she thought was the air conditioning controls...

But it turned out to be the control to a multi-dimensional portal.

She was sucked into another dimension, and I had to jump in and rescue her. It was an epic journey that took 3 months. I had to battle trolls, huge lizards, and robotic accountants to save her from the evil Emperor Kruel. I dropped my camera right before I jumped into the portal so I don't have any pictures of it. After I saved her and we jumped back through the portal, and luckily it spit us out at the same point in time that we had left. You can't tell, but we are 3 months older than when you last saw us. That means I'm celebrating my birthday in September instead of January from now on.

Real quick I wanted to say thanks to Sir Balthalous, I will never forget your help, you are a true friend and a noble warrior.

Nancy read about this cool playground that Hank Ketcham, the creator if the Dennis the Menace comic strip, had designed. It was really neat.

This slide hurted my bo bo.

Here I am trying out for Ninja Warrior.

The park had a 10 foot mini climbing wall, and a cool old train engine. Hank Ketcham really went above an beyond the call of duty to help children break their arms and legs. Way to go!

Jumpin' Giggawatts Marty!

Next we drove to this pretty place to take a walk that was in Nancy's book. It was really beautiful and rocky.

Apparently at this point I was number one for some reason.

We tried to reason with this dog, but he was way to fed up with the hand he had been dealt by this world. Rest in Peace Snowball. Rest in Peace.

We went back to the tourist area by the aquarium and grabbed some diner at a little Mexican food place. I had a margarita...

Then I did this...

Then I made Nancy take this picture.

It was getting late so we went back to the hotel. There was a public beach a mile from the hotel, so we checked it out for about 5 minutes.

It was to cold and getting to dark to stick around, plus there was a dude completely wrapped in a blanket, on the beach, by himself. That wasn't so strange, the strange part was that he was giggling uncontrollably to himself about something. So we left.

next stop, San Simeon!

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