Thursday, September 6, 2007

I can rest for a second

The big time show was last night and I sincerely want to thank everyone that came out. I was super nervous. From what I can gathered, the show went really well. I kind of blacked out on stage and when I woke up the show was over. My wife said I did really good, and she never pulls any punches with stuff like this, so I'm apt to believe her.

I'm a typical performer at heart, so of coarse all I could focus on was the fact that I forgot some lines and broke character a couple of times. Nancy kept yelling at me to focus on the fact that I just did a great show and that nobody on earth but me and her knew I forgot some lines. She's right, but it is still tough to get out of your head about those little things.

I really want to do the show more, I think it could get smoother and better every time I do it. If I got any kind of a run at a theater I plan on putting Velcro in all my costumes, so I can change faster and not have that be a big focus of the show. I have to get in and out of costumes on stage as I say lines at the same time. It's like chewing gum and walking, impossible.

I plan on writing a new vacation blog today, so get ready for the further adventures of Gibbons and Crowder.

Thanks again, and keep your fingers crossed for more shows.


Nick Gibbons said...

Looks like you had a great trip, can't wait to see how it turned out.

Nick Gibbons said...

Sorry Nick I commented on the wrong blog entry.