Thursday, August 9, 2007

They are indeed Giants

Fuck you if you don't like They Might Be Giants, those guys are amazing. What a fun show. Every time I see them they pour so much energy into their show. It's always different and the good vibes shooting up form the fans are just a great. I can't explain it, but their shows just feel good. People there are generally really nice. Its just good juju.

Needless to say I had a blast. I had never been to the Bowery Ball Room. It was a lot smaller than I imagined, about 800 people general admission. We were told to stand on the balcony. We did and it was totally the sweet spot. Great view and no sweaty dude rubbing up against my junk.

I bought an overpriced T-Shirt and I picked up the new album on iTunes this morning. I'm jamming to it now.

I'm on page 71 of the screenplay, if I can stretch the denouement out for 15 more pages I'm calling it done, at least the first draft version. I wrote this in such a way as to have to go back and fix all the holes and what not. It's really going to feel good to have it done though. If I stop screwing around and get to work I could have it finished by tonight or tomorrow, but who likes to work? Besides if I want to be legally pronounced agoraphobic, I'm gonna have to not leave the house for at least another week.

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tomsaville said...

I thought you PAY people to put their sweaty chests all over your junk, though.