Friday, August 17, 2007

California here I come!

We leave tomorrow for our vacation! We are going to fly into Seattle and stay two nights with one of my dearest friends, Aaron. Unfortunately his wife is going to be in Florida all weekend so we won't be able to see her. She's awesome as well. From there we are renting a car and driving down the coast to LA, making pit stops here and there to visit friends and relatives. Please do not rob our apartment while we are gone. We're just leaving our big pile of money right out in the open on our coffee table, but don't tell any robbers. Luckily we have all our hamburgers locked away in our safe, so that darn hamburgaler can't get to them.

I thought of a great parody to that show, So You Think You Can Dance, but I won't have the time to make it before it's irrelevant, so I'm going to tell you guys my idea. The show would be called "So You Think You Can Perform Open Heart Triple By-Pass Surgery". It writes itself.

I also wanted to do a parody of it called, "So you're under the impression that you might be able to accomplish whatever it is this show's about?" or maybe, "So you think you can jump start your stalling B-list celebrity career."

I have been putting together a "Show Bible" for an animated show I want to pitch for the past 3 days. It's a show idea I feel very strongly about and it has been a lot of work putting it together. Hopefully I will get to pitch it around to a couple of places before it's all said and done.

I'll try to post some bloggery while we're on vaca, but I can't promise anything. You'll be fine though, if it gets too tough you can just read some of my old blog entries, they're all pretty timeless.

Please post any suggestions for restaurants or places of interest along the California cost line.

Miss ya'll already.


Nick Gibbons said...

Great blog Nick, keep up the good work.

Nick Gibbons said...

You're such an asshole Nick.

Nick Gibbons said...

Excuse me for livin'!

Nick Gibbons said...

There's no excuse for you.

Nick Gibbons said...

Fair enough.

Mr Scribbles said...

I can't even believe you had the guts to show your face around here. I was so upset by your visit that I couldn't even wait until you left the city before I commented here.

Monica said...

It's called The Space Needle. I was there Aug. 15- Aug 19