Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Almost Climaxing

Hey guys and gals, I'm on page 63 of the screenplay. I'm shooting for between 90 and 100 pages. It's a Romantic Comedy, sort of, so I don't want it to be to long. I'm right at the climax, so I have to figure out how to tie everything up. I have some ideas but nothing solid, not even my poop, but you knew I'd say that.

I want to be finished with the screenplay by next week. That way I can tell every one how awesome I am because it only took me a month to writing a really bad screenplay. I want to start on my children’s film immediately after I'm done with this one. The kid’s film is sort of a different take on the whole "Freaky Friday" idea. But I've said too much.

I haven't left the apartment all week. I'm starting to glow in the dark a little bit, you can slightly see thru my skin and my eyes are very sensitive to light. I'm turning into a cave salamander.

The last time we had a mice problem we caught three of them in a row, so I put out another trap in the same spot. We were told they usually travel in pairs. It's been a day and a half and we haven't caught anything yet, which is a shame because I need another mouse to make earrings.

I keep thinking I see little brown blobs racing around in my peripheral vision. I'm sure it's just my imagination, but I hope it's the ghosts of the mice we've killed. It would be cool to have your house haunted by mice ghosts. Maybe I'm going a bit crazy from lack of social interaction.

We are going to see They Might be Giants tonight at the Bowery Ballroom. I'm super jazzed. I haven't seen them live in over 7 years. I hope they aren't old and in wheel chairs or have long white beards. I'm afraid going from nobody at all around me for 3 days straight to a room full of sweaty middle-aged hipsters might send me into shock.

I have a show next week people so start spreading the news. It's at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater at 9:30pm on Wednesday August 15th. It may be the last time we do this show so please come out and represent the Gibbons.

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