Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Nick Gibbons is "The Hunter" This fall on NBC

Take that mouse! I built a mouse catching contraption and placed it over the spot that we thought the little disease riddled thieves were entering our domicile. Well it worked. I looked in it this morning only to be greeted by a mouse corpse. Now before all you animal rights people get all teary eyed and start feeling bad for the guy, don't. He was holding a switch blade and a gun.

Honestly, I do get super sad when I look at the little guys in the mouse traps, but they do carry diseases and scare the begesus out of my wife. You have to draw the line. If we lived in the woods I would buy those humane traps and set them free, but we live on a floating concrete slab. I do take spiders and orphan children back outside when I catch them. I don't know how those damned orphans keep getting in our apartment.

I'm on page 43 of the screenplay and realizing I need a ton more character development and maybe a subplot or two to beef this thing up length wise. This is by no means the final draft, it's a way bare bones first draft. I'm using this screenplay as a tester and barometer on how I will approach my next one. I'm not using any "techniques" or formulas to do this one. I'm just barreling through from beginning to end. The next one will be planned a lot more. I just need to get one of these damn things under my belt.

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