Thursday, August 30, 2007

Goodbye Seattle

This is the last installment of the Seattle pictures, so here we go:

We went to a place called the Locks, where boats drive into a thing that closes in around them, then fills up with water and lets them out on the other side. It's like a mini Panama canal, only Van Halen never wrote a song about it.

At the locks there was a partially uncovered cemetery for giant robot elves. You can see their shoes sticking out of the ground here.

This is who I'm voting for in the upcoming elections.

Here's that thing that I was talking about earlier that lets the boats rise up. There's nothing funny to say about it.

Nancy kept saying how small this tree seemed... if you know what I mean.

This building was hit by that meteor from the movie Creepshow.

Aaron took us into his awesome work for a tour. He works at Valve, it's a video game company that makes the game "Half Life". The office was super cool.

After the tour we met up with an old buddy of mine from DNA that now works at Valve, Matthew Russell. Matthew, his lovely wife Tammy, and his two little girls Gracie and Emma met us at a restaurant for dinner. A fun time was had by all. The best part however was when Matthews youngest daughter, 2 years old, climbed on his lap. For about a minute everything was fine, then she exclaimed in a loud and proud voice, "I'm peeing!" Matthew confirmed this by saying that his leg did indeed feel warmer. Kid's excrete the darnedest things. I don't have any pictures of that.

The restaurant was awesome, we ordered crab legs, and they bring them to you and just dump them on the table. I never thought I could eat enough crab legs to actually think to myself, "I can't eat any more crab legs." But damn it I did! Up yours crabs legs.

Matthew and family left. It was about 8:30 and we had to pick up Aaron's wife Reagan at the airport at 12:45 am. We decided to go see the movie "Superbad" to kill some time. Holy balls of flaming dog poop is that a funny movie. I give it 2 boners up.

The movie didn't start until 9:45, so we killed time by drinking and playing pool next door to the theater.

We wore Aaron out so he laid down at the airport. We actually sat down to wait for his wife and noticed a black bag just sitting there with no one by it. Eventually a woman that worked at the airport walked by and we told her about it. She looked unimpressed and walked off. About 5 minutes later a cop came by and cautiously looked through the bag. He found 4 passports so we all thought it might belong to Jason Bourne, but it turned out to be a families bag.

Here is one of the only pictures I got of the elusive Reagan Halifax. She was out of town the weekend we were there, so we only got to see her a little bit. We love her. Aaron's just OK, I guess.

Oh yeah, I forgot about this pirate.

So that was the Seattle leg of our West Coast tour. That next morning we picked up our rental car and took off for LA. Next stop San Fransisco.

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