Monday, August 13, 2007

Hey EX-DNA-ers!

You all remember the delicious cakes and cookies that my sainted mother would bring into the office right? Well she's going on a "60 mile walk for breast cancer". I asked her about it and the walk isn't pro-breast cancer as the title might imply. At any rate, she is supposed to raise 1200 dollars by October. I think she is at 800 bucks already from family members.

If you ever had a piece of her cake or one of her cookies, believe me when I tell you have tasted love, because that's the main ingredient she puts in all her baked goods. Please help her out and donate a little cash to her walk. She would do the same for you.


Copy and paste this link into a browser window, then type in Teresa Gibbons, and donate until it hurts!

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