Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Grasping at Air

Yo peeps, howdy from the fall. I still feel like I'm aimlessly falling in a black void. I'm writing and working on stuff, and it sort of seems as if stuff is going in a direction, I just haven't fallen past any limbs or vines to grab onto yet. 

Apparently quitting your job to follow a dream is very good, because everyone says congratulations and that they are proud of me. That still doesn't make since in my head, I'm still processing this response. I don't feel like I should be congratulated, in fact I feel like I should be shook and asked what the hell I am thinking. Every time I tell someone I quit my job so I could be an actor or writer, I feel like a total douche bag. A regular paycheck is great. Health insurance is even better. I feel like people should be consoling me. I think I'm going to start telling people about my situation like this:

"I quit a good paying job with benefits and health insurance to stay home and stare at a computer and hope I can think of a way to make money in one of the most competitive and soulless industries man has ever created."

OK OK, I'm being a little over the top, what can I say; I'm bored right now. Here is what an unemployed dude looks like when he takes a break from writing his one-man show.

Also I'm not wearing pants in this picture.


tomsaville said...

What about the pants?! TELL ME ABOUT THE PANTS!!!

Reagan said...

No pants, huh? Why don't you lower the camera a bit. *wink, wink* Unless you haven't showered for days and then maybe I'll pass.