Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why am I writing about Garfield?

Do you think Jim Davis, the guy that draws Garfield comics, wakes up everyday and still thinks his comic strip is funny? Do you think he just has a wheel that he spins with the words "Lasagna" "I Hate Mondays" and "Blank Thought Bubble" on it and he just randomly picks what the next box will say? I think he still writes this comic right? I saw it in the paper yesterday and I assumed he is still doing new ones.

Toward the end of Charles Schulz's life, Charlie Brown just got weird. It rarely made since. I hope when I'm 80, my friends and family will tell me to stop making videos about farting.

So I'm re-writing my One Man Show. There were two sketches in the original draft, but I took one out and am replacing it with a character piece. Now it's more one man than in was before. I'm not sure if I'm keeping the sketch that's in it now or replacing it with another sketch. So many decisions to make. I hate Mondays. Oh wait it's Tuesday.

I started the screenplay and am 10 pages into it. Now I am realizing I need to plan it out a tad more. I'm going to do a little character development and plan out the next act before I start up again I think. Maybe I'll just keep going and clean it all up after I have a 90 page mess on my hands.

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