Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm Tired and I Smell Like Smoke

Hope everyone had a great weekend. This weekend was the Del Close Marathon at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. For those of you that aren't "into" the history of improvisational theater, which I would assume is almost 98% of everyone, Del Close is the man credited with creating long form improv. For the last 9 years UCB Theater has held a 73 hour long improv marathon. For three days straight there is a different improv show every half hour, featuring groups and improvisers from around the country. It's a drunken debaucherous time for all.

This year the crowd was even bigger and it was hotter and humider than ever. The inside of the theater felt like what I would imagine the inside of a football players jockstrap during the last quarter of the super bowl would feel. Sweaty, smelly, with a tad bit of chafing.

I was scheduled to be in 3 shows. The first was at 8 am on Saturday with my improv group Pitter Patter. The show was pretty great considering it was 8 in the morning and half the audience was asleep. I have a show tonight with Pitter Patter at the Pit at 7pm by the way. Only 5 bucks.

The next show I was in, actually just came out of the blue. It was at 4:30 am on Sunday morning. It was called "Nicolas Cage Match". It was just a bunch of people playing different Nicolas Cages. The guy who threw it together ask me if I wanted to do it 3 minutes before it started, so I told him I wanted to be Nicolas Mage. That is Nicolas Cage as a wizard if he was in Harry Potter. I grabbed a nappy white wig I found in the green room, and broke a plastic hanger to make a wand. The show was terrible, but fun. The next show was called "Dane Cookin' it Up". It was just a bunch of guys doing terrible impressions of Dane Cook. It was immediately after the Nicolas Cage Match so I had to change into my Dane Cook t-shirt super fast. That show was retarded as well.

The last show I was in was Film Noir Improv and it was at 6 am. The entire cast was pretty drunk at this point and we had to put on the black and white make up and suits. It was a little gross because of the ball sack like atmosphere. That show was pretty good all things considered. I have a Film Noir show THIS Wednesday as well so please come on out the the UCB Theater at 9:30pm on August 1st and watch me do improv in make up and a suit. What could be more fun?

I'm sending in 6 show ideas to Super Deluxe today, so everyone out there pray for me. They are all pretty high concept shows, but any of them would be a blast to make. E-mailing in pitch ideas isn't the best way to pitch at all, but I don't have the means to go to Super Deluxe in Atlanta and pitch them in person. It's so hard to get your ideas across to people, even when you're doing it in person, so I'm a bit worried about sending the stuff in cold turkey. Oh well, it's all a right time and place thing anyway, maybe it's my turn to be in the right place at the right time. If not I'll keep going to other places at different times.

To Recap,

Show Tonight 7pm PIT Theater 29th St. Btwn 7th and 6th Ave.

Show Wednesday Night at 9:30pm at UCB Theater 26th St. btwn 8th and 9th Ave.

Pray that my pitches find a safe warm place to fester and breed infection.

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