Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Suck my Nuts Squirrel

I just watch a video of a squirrel on You Tube. It was 20 seconds long. All that happens was the squirrel stands up and someone dubbed in a high pitched voice saying "what?". The End. It had 65 thousand views. SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND VIEWS!

I spend 17 hours editing a 3 minute video that takes me 5 hours to shoot, and I get 91 views. I've decided to just put up videos of the squirrels in my yard from now on. It's less work and people seem to love it.

It fucking blows my mind how people would rather watch something they can see in their backyard 24 hours a day on the computer, rather than an interesting funny video of something strange they've never seen before. I bet if I posted a video of some guys hand, that guy would watch the video 25 thousand times instead of looking at his own hand.

I got it! I'm going to post a video of my computer. Not doing anything, just a still shot of my computer. That way people can watch a computer screen ON their computer screen. I'll get billions of views and finally start raking in all those You Tube dollars.


Cadpig said...

I think the problem with those short simplistic videos is that they can be easily e-mailed and viewed quickly, once some idiot sends it to everyone on the office mailing list, it spirals out of hand. I personally get angry and frustrated everytime I see a moronic video like that become popular while truly artistic films languish away, but rest assured that people with taste usually seek out the latter. I'd be kind of afraid of what someone who thinks a talking squirrel is the pinnacle of entertainment would think of a real movie anyway.

nice blog by the way.

Nick Gibbons said...

I agree 100%, and thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wow - if you sort radioactivecrotch - 3rd page.

3 weeks ago

That squirrel is like 637% up on you.

You must have had a shitty career counselor in HS :)

Nick Gibbons said...

Who has time to do all that shit... oh, I guess you do;)

SAM said...