Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Ball Dropped!

Happy New Year everyone! Me and the wife got back in ol' Atlanta yesterday after 9 hours of driving and 1 hour of having a flat tire in Louisiana. Luckily we were near a big-ish city and it was only 11 am. Big thanks to the dude at Handcook for helping us find a new tire.

We rolled into the ATL around 7:30 pm and both frantically got ready to go to Trader Vic's for the New Years festivities. Nancy got prettied up and I constructed the diaper I had to wear at midnight in Mike Gier's show.

I played a drunk 35 year old baby new year with a black eye. I came out, made the band stop playing a song and wished everyone a happy 2003, then proceeded to tell Mike not to tell me how to do my job because I've been baby new year for 35 years.

Then for the next 15 minutes I pushed my creepy naked diaper wearing body through the crowd sucking on the rubber nipple on the end of my Miller lite bottle while drunkenly asking everyone if I missed new years then wishing them a happy wrong year.

It was a ton of fun and beats last years new year on a plane who's landing flaps weren't working and being greeted by fire trucks and ambulances in New York. If you missed it check it out here.

Here's to a great new year. No matter how bad things may seem, as long as we have friends and family we can weather any storm. Stay positive everyone! Hug.


tomsaville said...

Damn that sounds hilarious.

dicky said...

Nothing better than a grown man in a diaper.

Nick Gibbons said...

I learned it by watching you Dicky.