Monday, January 26, 2009

Post Birthday Wrap Up

My birthday was on a Saturday this year, which is normally a good thing. However I got totally screwed out of a Friday birthday because of the leap year. Stupid February!

This year I invited everyone I knew in Atlanta to meet me at a little bar near our apartment for some cake and alcohol. I may have had to much of both.

I wanted to thank everyone who came out and apologize to those of you to whom I talked way to much about things you didn't want to hear. Good news is I got a lot of free therapy and exercised a few demons. It was my birthday right?

Mustaches and cake, hairy good time!

I'm at that age where hair just starts cropping up everywhere.

Two dapper young gentlemen on the town.

Those mustaches are contagious.

36 candles = Fire Hazard

A werewolf is cutting my cake!

It's officially a pandemic.

Nick SMASH cake!!!

Nick sorry cake, Nick love cake.

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