Monday, January 26, 2009

I'll be posting a blog soon

I was driving today and saw something in the back of a car that got me thinking. No, it wasn't one of those suction cupped Garfield dolls. Although that would get me thinking. Like, maybe I had gone through a time portal back to the 80's.

I've seen this same sign in the back window of several cars around town. It simply says, "Tags have been applied for". They usually appear in the back of older, run down cars. It might be my total loss of hope in humanity speaking, but I don't think the tags have really been applied for. Further more I think they may have no intention of applying for tags.

If this sign is a valid excuse for not having something that is "legally" required done, there are a couple signs I want to make. I want a sign in the back of my car that reads, "Sorry, didn't realize I was speeding, slowing down right away". Or maybe a shirt that reads on the back, "Oops, I'm planning on bringing that iPhone back into the apple store asap, it must have slipped into my pocket by accident or something."

Are these signs really a valid way to not get a ticket? Do people think that police officers are that gullible? Will promising that you really really really swear to God, get you off the hook?

When I become Supreme World King of Earth, I will outlaw such idle signs. No longer will promises be a place holder for the law. Also I will make it mandatory to high five instead of shake hands.

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