Thursday, January 8, 2009

Had to do it..

Sorry about this, but it made me smile. Here's a random review from a random person on the website about the Aqua Teen DVD extra I did.

"Radical Axis Presents..Radical Axis : A documentary mocked up to be like a 50's era industrial video.

I was expecting an actual documentary and behind-the-scenes type thing, but this was much better. They use glitching and errors to their benefit and the jabs they take at themselves and their show, crew, etc are really funny. This is one of the best behind the scenes type extra to ever be on an ATHF dvd (or perhaps any)."

Thanks Tamra Roybal "DVD Junkie" for such a great review. It's nice to hear that someone liked something you toiled over.

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sam said...

stop writing "random reviews" under a different name. that's just dishonest.