Sunday, March 28, 2010

Screening Process

I stapled up the screen today and I can't make a fist anymore. It's probably for the best because I'm always starting bar fights. I used three boxes of staples, literally hundreds of staples...LITERALLY!!!

Metal screening is evil. It looks all nice and smooth, but the edges will poke and prick the shitballs out of you when you lest expect it. It's like a defense mechanism. I have so many tiny holes in my fingers and palm now. Do you remember in the cartoons when a character would get all shot up then drink water and it would pour out of the holes? That's like my hands, only it's blood.

I'm thinking of taking off the word recognition filter, so the spambots can leave comments again, since none of you jerks do.


Ricki Derek said...

Tim Farrell said...

I read this junk occasionally because we're housing hunting, and I will also probably go through some caveman "I need to build some shit" moments before we totally give up on DIY home improvements that take longer than 2 minutes.

Also I miss you gazing at the back of my head all day.