Monday, March 15, 2010

I'll Deck You!

Was watching a commercial for the new "How to Train Your Dragon" movie, and the announcer said at the end, "In 3-D!" then he said really fast "Also showing in 2-D". I thought that was really funny for some reason. As if they had to do something special to the film to make it 2-D. Retro fitting it.

I guess we have rounded a corner where 3-D is more accepted. Regular old stinky 2-D is getting the backseat. I haven't actually seen ANY of the movies that have been realesed in 3-D, actually in 3-D yet. Nancy refuses to go and I could give two shits about wearing glasses during a movie so it looks like stuff is flying at my face. I have enough crap flying at my face for real. I feel like an old person that hates that darn loud rock-n-roll crap the kids are listening to these days.

I got a new baby brother for my circular saw today. They say you can tell alot about a man by the size of his drill bit.

If for some reason my brother-in-law reads this blog entry, which is highly unlikely because NOBODY reads this blog, he will notice I did have to buy a new drill. This is due to the fact that, yes, I did indeed kill your drill. It put up a good fight, but in the end the old girl couldn't manage. I buried her in the backyard. It was a very tasteful ceremony. Not the most expensive package they offered, but still tasteful.

Here is the fourth installment of the on going series about building a deck. Suck it Vila!

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