Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Blog Entry

Hey guys, I put together a sort of mock up of what the screened in porch will look like yesterday, to get a better idea of how I will put it together. Here is a side view of the frame.

After doing a little research about framing walls and joists and crap like that, and seeing this mock up, I'm not as freaked out about the whole thing. I was a little scared about the walls and roof to be honest. It was holding construction back. But now I have a plan and I'm fired up!

Having the 2x4's delivered tomorrow. Not all of them, just working on the back wall to start.

Going on an open call audition Monday. I haven't auditioned for anything in a long time, but I'm not nervous about it at all. It will be nice to willingly be judged by people I don't know for a change. Fingers crossed.

I also enabled a word verification thingie in my comments section, suck on that spambots!

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