Thursday, June 12, 2008

Time Machine

I'm at home today. There's no work at for me at Radical right now, so I'm constructing weapons and sharpening knives at home to aid in securing my world dominating Nicktatorship.

I was listening to some tunes I used to play on my iPod as I wondered around the New York and it actually made me miss the city a little bit. Not living there mind you. It's a terrible place to live unless you have tons of expendable cash. But I have to say, just wondering around and looking up at all the buildings is awesome. As smelly, gross, disgusting, and nasty as the city is, it's still a pretty freaking cool place to just walk around.

I thought it might be fun for me to jump in my time machine and take a stroll down memory lane. Lets check out my last week in New York City. I set the flux capacitor for early January 2008, pressed down the accelerator and just hit 88 miles per hour!

Flaming skid marks Mahty! We've traveled through time!

First lets take a quick look at my last trip up to White Plains where I worked for 3 years at Blue Sky Studios to have lunch with my old work pals.

Is this a scene from a survival horror video game? Why no, it's the elevator I rode every day of my life for 5 years. This charming 4 by 4 metal room took me to the A train. There were 3 elevators down to the subway. One elevator had a "security" guard operating it 24 hours a day. One of them listened to classic rock on his "jam box" and the other was always angry at everyone. I liked the classic rock guy best.

Here we are, the 181st street stop. My stop on the A train.

Lets get a better look at the immaculately clean subway station.

The snozzberries taste like snozzberries! Go ahead take a lick.

Here comes my train.

It's Fonzi's favorite subway train.

I gave a homeless man a nickel to take my picture.

I'm not just doing this kick ass pose because the subway car was empty, this is how I normally rode the subway. It scared off potential muggers and rapists.

After getting off at 125th street, putting on my bullet proof vest, and running all the way across Harlem to the East side, I enter the train station.

This is where I waited to board a train to White Plains every day.

Here is a hastily thrown together panoramic view of what I stared at every morning for 3 years between 8 and 8:15 A.M. in a half asleep daze waiting for my train.

My trains here, toot toot.

I'm hitting the fast forward button on my Adam Sandler from the film "Click" remote control.

Here I am at lunch with my buddies from work. We went to an old Blue Sky haunt called James Joyce.

It even looks like they like me. Don't worry I know they don't.

These are my friends Jinyi and Kathy. As you can see Jinyi is a hard core Asian gangsta bitch and will not think twice about cutting your ass ancient ancestor style.

That night a bunch of my work peeps met me at a place called the Telephone Bar. I saw one of New York's famous smoke making tubes on my way there.

Most of the pictures from the evening of drinking are blurry so I'm not going to post them. Here's one of my good friends Jared. He's an amazing animator, storyboard artist and his ninja skills rival that of any 12 year old karate master.

The next night, my good friend Little Tommy Saville
met me out for a drink. We wondered around and decided to try the KGB bar. It was quiet and quaint. Recommended!

Next we went for a slice at my favorite NY pizza place, Two Boots. Generally they are just a slice place, but they have a sit down and get waited on style restaurant as well. It has fuzzy chairs and is always empty. Actually I think the restaurant version has changed into a strictly vegan place. It's still always empty.

We ordered a pizza, got tipsier, then proceeded to take ridiculous pictures. Here they are in no particular order.

Yes I am handsome aren't I?

Where's Tom?

I joined a pizza gang whist we were there.

Tom pasted out in some garbage, so I left him there. Oddly enough he pasted out right next to a door we found that had his name on it. This is the last I ever saw Tom. If anyone out there has any info on him please contact me.

I think, at the time, I had a "funny" idea for this picture, but I can't remember what it might have been. Feel free to leave a caption for it in the comments section.

Finally we met up with my wife at another bar we love. I can never remember the name of this bar, because it's usually the last bar we go to after an evening of bar hopping. Also, Mom, if you are reading this, please replace all every "bar" I use throughout this blog, with "library".

This place is awesome because you have to be quite.

If it gets to loud the bar tenders shush the entire place.
Here's Tom man handling my wife.

I love Tom.

We tried to grab one last, or two last rather because at this bar, McSorleys, they serve you two small glasses of beer at a time.

It was way to crowded so we called it a night.

I do miss certain things about the city for sure, not enough to ever want to live there again, but enough to visit.


sam said...

Jumpin gigawatts, Mahty!

Caption contest:
I give foot massage, you get happy ending!

Dr Halifax OB/GYN said...

Looks like you had one last experiment, Doctor.

Nick Gibbons said...

Yes Doctor, but the work must continue, meet me in the nearset pub in Atlanta stat!