Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Anniversary Fart Joke

It was two years ago that I uploaded this baby onto the interweb. Little did I know it would be ravaeged by fart loving content vultures all over the world. After it had been up for a while, I started to notice people were re-posting it on you tube, a concept I still don't understand. Why would a person pull a video from you tube, then re-upload it onto you tube. I can only imagine it's an attempt to take credit for my genius, and I have a pet nickname for these people. It's more of a term of enderment, but I often refer to them as "Ass Holes". It's cute, I know.

At any rate this video went world wide. My wife, one of the girls in the video, started to actually get noticed in the street because of it. The other girl was getting e-mails from friends and family that lived in other countries telling her that it had been forwarded to them.

I had successfully and unintentionally created a viral video. One that hasn't garnered me any attention, probably because like an idiot I didn't put my name on it anywhere. Oh well, live and learn I suppose. Just knowing I brought a smile to millions of faces is payment enough, someone with a better attitude might say.

I was a tad bored this morning, so in a fit of self congratulatory rage and obsessive compulsive narcissism, I searched the webernet for as many illegally reposted versions of my video as i could find. Then, using a calculator, I added up all the views. I got bored pretty fast, so I'm sure there are thousands more I missed. My final tally was 681,852 views.

So in honor of it's two year anniversary, here it is.... again. Enjoy.

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sam said...

CONGRABULATIONS, BITCHES!! That has always been one of my favs.