Friday, June 20, 2008

My Space is Fo Suckas

It takes a big man to admit when he was wrong, so here I go. Tom Saville, you were right and I was wrong. Facebook is pretty cool. I still really don't know how to navigate or do some of the functions that Facebook has to offer, but the thing that tipped me over into the Facebook camp was the chat function. It's official, I will never get any work done ever again.

It's freaking awesome. It tells you who is online and you just click their face and you are chatting with them, unless they are punk bitches and ignore you. I'm looking at you Will Ferrell.

So My Space and their horrible new design can suck my ass.

Speaking of sucking my ass, I'm going to California next week. I'll be there way too long and I don't actually have concrete sleeping arrangements yet. I have a couple nights sorted out with friends, but my ace in the hole isn't in town while I'm there.

This trip really did pop up out of nowhere and I had to put it together really fast. It's for something I've wanted to do for a really long time and now that I'm actually doing it I'm scared shitless. That's right, I'm so scared that all my shit has evaporated. My colon is a vast dry deserted wasteland.

I've asked for suggestions from several people who've actually done what I'm going to do out there, and they've each given me completely different advice. So I've cobbled together a Frankenadvice Monster to utilize. That also means I had to completely rework all my materials and change the way I was thinking about what I'm doing. It's a very daunting task, but I have to do it and get my first one out of the way.

I'll talk about it when I get back in town, tell you what it was and how it went. Please send me happy thoughts next week, especially around 5pm on Tuesday.

I'm planning on going to the Channel 101 screening on Saturday. Then to the ASSSSSCAT show at the UCB Theater on Sunday night. It should be fun?

Keep your cyber fingers crossed.


dicky said...

My thoughts are with you, always. Can you feel them?

break an egg, or knock them dead next week.

I have relatives in LA if that's where you're going to be. I could try and hook you up w/ a couch.

SAM said...

you know you always get positive thoughts from me... good, sexy positive thoughts. Yo da mutha truckin man!


Nick Gibbons said...

Thanks guys. The super secret meeting seemed to go well, so your happy thoughts worked.