Thursday, June 5, 2008


Apparently, according to my "friend" Derek, I think everything's awesome. Any time I'm describing something I'll say it's awesome. "That movie was awesome!", "This soup is awesome!", "My lust for human flesh is awesome!"

I suppose I do over use this word, but come on, it's an awesome word! It totally coveys the point I'm trying to get across. It says, "Hey jerk, listen to me, what I'm telling you about is very important and needs your undivided attention, it could very well change the way you think and or live!"

Maybe I need to start using some qualifiers before or after the word like, "This sausage is 'fucking' awesome.", or "It's 'mildly' awesome that the wart on my dick looks like Ghandi!"

I could use my patten pending "Wordnecting" technique. "I think squirrels wearing hats are awesomtastic!" or "That foreign object the doctor pulled out of my rectum was awesompendous!"

I guess it boils down to me training my friends. The longer I only use this word to describe things, my friends will start to develop the ability to discern between the different levels of awesome I'm describing. They will be able to tell from my inflection, my tone, and the look in my eyes, just how awesome the thing is that I'm describing. It will take some time and effort, like learning a new language, but damn it I'm worth it!

I just read through this blog again, it's awesome!


dicky said...

This blog definitely was awesome. So awesome I think I ejaculated abit on it, sorry.

Nick Gibbons said...

Never apologize for your ejaculate.

Anonymous said...

The problem is, you have pretty much the same level of enthusiasm when you say "that duct tape is fucking awesome" as you do when you say "the hangliding trip over the Grand Canyon was fucking awesome." I wouldn't worry, the large hump on your back and you missing ear are so distracting that people probably aren't listening. I have to go and wait by the mailbox for my late birthday present from you.

sam said...

the most awesome blog that ever awesomed an awesome.

The Reverend Makers Mark said...

Oh Sammy! Oh Niles! Oh unknown actor that had one line and was never heard from again! Oh Lilith!