Friday, December 5, 2008


Just finished episode 3 and it was a bitch and a half. This one actually has a tiny morsel of a story line. A conflict arises, then said conflict is overcome. I have a great idea for the last episode, but it'll be really tough to shoot and I'll have to break from my one shot theme. I like that these are just one shot. It actually makes them ten times more difficult to do, but I like challenges.

It's troubling to me that a couple of people said these were a tad long. Really? 3 minutes is long? It's sad to me that we've become such an attention deficit driven society. Unless it's a 10 second video of a monkey farting and falling off a tree, it's too long. My comedy philosophy has always been get in and get out. most of my shorts are under 5 minutes. At this rate tv shows will be the length of commercials and movies will be the length of sitcoms.

I love the internet, but it really has screwed up our brains, or maybe my shorts are to long. I'll work on shortening them for all of you. Kisses.


M. E. Davis said...

Bullshit. They are perfect, if not long enough. THis is your best work, methinks. More more more.

Nick Gibbons said...

Thank you so very much my friend. It's nice to get a good review from a respected colleague.