Saturday, August 30, 2008

Foot, Cardboard, and Possible Chupacabra

I promised a while back that I would post pictures of my horribly sprung ankle. Is it Sprung or Sprang? Regardless of the correct verbiage, after an x-ray proved that there were no broken bones I was free to hobble about my everyday life. It hurt like a sombitch for the first week, and the swelling/bruising isn't gone entirely yet. It feels fine 2 weeks later. Here is what it looked like right after I springed it.

Self portrait.

I was by myself jogging in the neighborhood when it happened, so I had to limp home and try to precariously balance a bag of ice on it all alone.

Success! Fuck you Cirque du Soleil!

The night I hurt the foot my Amazon order had arrived. For over 20 years my nerdier friends have told me I HAD to read the Watchmen graphic novel. I have always intended to but never could find the desire. I finally caved because the movie is coming out next year. Here I am resting the injury and enjoying some classic literature, with our two children tending to my foot.

Have to say, I'm more than halfway through the book at this point and it's a bit dry for my taste. A lot more words than I'm used to in a comic book. Not enough "BAM" or "KABLOOEYS!"

For the past two weeks I have been wrapping it everyday. I'm afraid if I disturb my foot when it's wrapped, I will fall prey to the curse of MUMMYFOOT!

There's a big comic book type convention in town this week called Dragoncon. It's been going on for years here in Atlanta and it gets bigger every year. Since Adult Swim is based here, there are a ton of Adult Swim shows representin' at the fest. I went to see my buddy Mike Giers band Tongo Hiti perform their usual Thursday night gig at Trader Vics. Dragoncon had just started, so I was hoping to see a ton of costumed freakery. Unfortunaetly there was little to no freaks at the show. The best thing I have is a picture of a dude that was dressed in a full suit of armer made entirely of cardboard.

The best part is he was totally drunk and stumbling all over the place. Here he is telling my wife that me and her made a good couple and she should marry me.

Next he told her he was a cuddler, after which my wife offered to write that on his suit. One sharpie later it said "Cuddler" across the ass of his cardboard armer. Our job was done.

That day at work, one of the guys that runs the government sanctioned Aqua Teen Hunger Force Fansite John J. Galbo, came by the Radical Axis to get a tour. He is a super nice guy and he was at Trader Vics that night so I made him hang out with us.

Today I was frightened to find this in our driveway.

It's safe to assume this means only one thing, Chupacabra! What other creature can devour and entire house cat whole on spit out the collar, leaving no trace of the feline? Chupacabra thats what.

Needless to say I'm loading my rifle and sitting out on my porch tonight wearing my night vision goggles. We eatin' Chupacabra fajitas for Sunday brunch. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAW!


dicky said...

Did watch the cops dashboard footage of that mysterious beast here in Tejas? Also, that was me in the knight suit, and yes I am a cuddler.

sam said...

So is that gross mummy foot any better? Send me an email about Savannah.

I have done my research and I happen to know that there have been Chupacabra sightings in the Georgia area. Look out. They viscious!

Clay Liford said...

If you look at the first photo and then the second, it looks like you joined the Leg Hair Club for Men.

John J. said...

Government sanctioned... but not government funded. ;)

Wow, looks like I was still a bit toasted from that Long Island in that pic.

Also, that leg injury reminds me of one I had back when I first met Dana Snyder down in Philly. x_x

Thanks for the shout out. You got one on this week's Swimcast