Saturday, April 5, 2008

Shot Gun Blast

This is a shot gun blog, so it's a little all over the place. If you can't take several random topics being shot at you all at once please avert your gaze.

It's rainy and gross outside today. Nancy had to work all day today, so that means I have to motivate myself to be productive. I'm working on some pitch materials for a show that I have to hand in character descriptions for on Monday. It's more taxing than I thought it was going to be, plus the internet keeps making me look at it.

It's a show idea of mine that I've been kicking around in my head for a long time. I'm being asked to change the focus of the show idea, which is fine. At this stage I just want to get something going, and I don't mind tweaking it to appease the anonymous faceless execs that will be making the big decisions. I've got about 14 character paragraphs written, but I want to give them about 30 possible characters. I'm sure they'll whittle those down, so I want to give them plenty to work with.

This blog is yet another diversion to keep me away from actually doing what I'm supposed to be doing. If you're reading this than you're aiding in my non productivity and should be ashamed of yourself.

I had a good idea to change one of my movie scripts and to make it more grounded. It would mean reworking the entire script, but that's fine to improve it. The script as it is right now isn't very good to begin with.

I want to know if anyone out there besides Sam, my mom, the Brazilian Spamming Cellular Phone Robot, and Dicky read my stupid ass blog. I'm incredibly needy so please feed the narcissistic beast that lives inside me and leave me a comment if you read my blog regularly.

I haven't gotten a chance to perform in a while and I'm getting the urge to do it again. I haven't explored my options in Atlanta for such silliness, but I think there are several open mike type shows going on in town. I might drop in and unleash Olaf on Atlanta's ass! Take that Atlanta!

That's it for now, I should get back to work. Also I'm not wearing pants.


tomsaville said...

of course, I read it, doodass!!!

Sam said...

O-LAF, O-LAF, O-LAF. Atlanta's ass can't take it, but do it anyway. TAKE IT!

Nick Gibbons said...

Thanks for the flood of comments, it really makes keeping this blog seem worth it.

Melissa said...

No mention of me... sad. I'm going to go cry now.

Anonymous said...

I read this blog.

Nick Gibbons said...

Even if I don't mention you Melissa, I'm always thinking about you. It's all nasty thoughts, but thoughts none the less.