Thursday, April 10, 2008


My buddy Mike wants me to help out with the Burlesque show that he runs this coming Friday(04-18-08). I'll be back stage helpng with props, costumes, and other menial tasks. The best part is I might be able to be in the show as a new character. I haven't 100% developed the character yet, but I think it will be a dumb, new york sounding, janitor.

I will hang out before the show and screw with people as they enter, then possibly interact with the female host of the show. It should be fun, and by all means come out and catch the show if you're in Atlanta next weekend. I saw the show a couple weeks ago and it really is a lot of fun. Here's a LINK to it.


Sam said...

this blog entry has nothing I am interested in. I don't think I will post a comment on this one.

Nick Gibbons said...

you don't like boobs? I know you better than that Sam.

Sam said...

I love boobs. You know that. It's just that I can't go to the show, so I won't be posting any comments on this entry.

Anonymous said...

I object to your use of the word dumb. Unless of course, you mean you will have a non speaking role.

I also object to Sam's denial that he won't post any more comments on this blog.

I love,
Nick's Mom