Saturday, April 12, 2008


I just noticed that Cartoon Network is finally airing the 2nd season of the show called Robotboy. Why do I care you ask? Weeeeeeeell, because I wrote 4 episodes of this season that's why. It was my first professional writing gig, and it's awesome to finally get to see how badly they changed my scripts. I wrote the episodes over a year ago, so it's been a long time coming.

My first episode will air on Saturday April 26th at 11:30 a.m. EST on Cartoon Network. Please check your local listings. I haven't seen any of the episodes I wrote so this will be a kick in the ass. Unless it sucks, in which case it will be a kick in the ass.

The name of my episode is "Up a Tree". The titles I gave the other three were "Gusto" "Monster Truck Mash" and "Me and My Homebots". I'm not sure if that's what they will be called or if they will have new titles.

It's going to be awesome to see a script I wrote come to life on the TV. It's nice to write something, get paid, then sit back while other people make it. I've always had to bust my ass writing, producing, paying for, directing, editing, animating, shooting, starring, and pretty much everything else on my films.

I wanted to send a shout out to my good friend and one hell of a guy Bob Camp. He directed the entire season and he helped get me the gig. He's an awesome guy and so very talented. Thanks Bob, I love ya!


Sam said...

I can't believe you never told me about this. That is awesome!! Bob Camp!? Are you kidding me!? He worked on the old Ren and Stimpy show, right? That Bob Camp? Holy Shit!! That's great, dude! Gratz. I will be tuning in. Is it kid friendly?

Nick Gibbons said...

Yes, it's boy friendly. It's mostly robots fighting stuff. When I got the gig they said there had to be a fight scene in every script.