Sunday, April 13, 2008

Consider my Zombie Dead

I joined face book a while back and got frustrated because it didn't make any sense to me. I couldn't figure out how to navigate within it's walls. None of the buttons ever did the same thing twice. I got mad at the face book. Even after Tom kept telling me face book was way better than My space, I still couldn't bring myself to play by face book's rules.

I finally started to accept friends and write on people's wall. I even started to do the whole zombie thing. I've discovered however that it's pointless to care for my zombie anymore. Everyone is already a zombie so I can't bite anyone, and people that refuse to mess with the whole zombie thing will keep ignoring my sad pleas to be a part of my zombie army. So I'm doomed to have a lone zombie, under the thumb of Heather, whom "turned" me. I wanted to accept Tom's zombie invite, and thought I did, but face book had other ideas. Face book somehow decided I wanted Heather to turn me into a zombie. Wrong Face book, bad face book.

I have managed through diligent fighting and biting and feeding, to get my zombie to level 4, which is called a Bishop in the Church of Zombie. Without anyone accepting my invites, the only way to get big points in the zombie game, I can't get enough points to move higher in the zombie circuit. I'm done. My zombie will continue to rot in my internet close, along with my hotmail account, my g-mail account, and my friendster account.

Internet fads are quickly becoming the forgotten toys of my youth. The things I play with for a while, only to throw in the corner one day and never touch again. I'm sure blogging will soon meet the same lonely fate. Although I have stuck this out for much longer than the rest. I think the reason blogging has had a much stronger hold on me is because it's the only way I can seem to remember stuff that has happened in my life. I have often gone through my blog and re-read them experiencing "eureka" moments. It's like the feeling after someone tells you something you did on a drunken night and you go, "Oh yeah, I kinda remember that."

I'm starting to put stuff together for the Night-OH-Cabaret's 10th anniversary show that will probably happen sometime in September. I have been sort of blah about the show for the past couple of months. I think it's because when we do the show it is so much fun and such a great show, that I get upset when we keep having a mediocre turnout. We pour so much time and energy into the show and trying to get the word out and at the end of the day it all seems pointless.

Me and Derek have been talking about this show and I have really started to get excited again. This show's going to be fucking amazing. We are going to really blow it up come hell or high water. At any rate I am pretty jazzed about the possibilities that this show will produce. I'll hit all three of you up to come out the closer we get to the date.

Sorry this post was so boring Mom.


Sam said...

Again, I know nothing about Facebook and was totally lost for the whole blog. I won't post.

Nick Gibbons said...

I wonder what happened to my buddy Sam, he never posts anymore.

Anonymous said...

I'm on Facebook and have yet to be zombied by you. Why do you hate me?

I love,
Nick's Mom

Nick Gibbons said...

who are you? do I search anonymous?

Travis said...

I have been getting zombie requests from my facebook friends for quite a while now, but I've never been at a point in my life where I felt like I could accept them and still maintain my dignity.

Anyhow, sometimes, I visit my friend's zombie/vampire profiles and I think about how pathetic the game is. I was thinking very intently about the different levels of zombies/vampires and I decided to do a web seach for "Bishop in the Church of Zombie" and your blog came up.

I'm so glad you're letting your zombie rot in the closet... Right where it belongs. Congratulations on giving it up and moving on to more productive endeavors.

I respect you, your choices, and your blog.