Tuesday, October 9, 2007

One Wedding and No Funerals

First of all I want to say congratulations to Mr. Stan and Mrs. Michelle Laikowski, two friends of mine that got hitched this weekend. Me and Nancy had the honor of attending their wedding and it was a blast. We had to rent a car and drive about two hours to Rhinebeck, New York. Another couple went with us, Mike and Kathy Hagan. It was a beautiful trip, the trees hadn't completely changed color yet, but they had begun. I can't help but think if it weren't for all this darn global warming the trees would have been much more colorful. DAMN YOU AL GORE, I WISH YOU HAD NEVER STARTED GLOBAL WARMING!

Rhinebeck is a really quaint little colonial town. It was very well kept and all the houses and buildings were in amazing shape. The inn where we stayed was called The Beekman Arms. Supposedly George Washington and Benedict Arnold stayed there. I didn't see no ghosts, so I don't believe those stories. SCREW YOU HISTORIANS, I WISH YOU NEVER MADE UP HISTORY!

Our room was huge, it was all 19th century looking and had way to many benches. I guess people in the olden day times liked to sit on benches. The Inn was broken up into several individual houses. Here is one of them:

This is our room, there were all these wooden beams that I'm sure people hit their heads on all the time. If you look closely you can see a floating head. I guess I did catch a ghost.

Here's my lazy ass wife. We just got there and she's already going to bed.

The coolest thing about this place was, every room had a colander of port.

I thought it was just decoration, until I took the lid off and the smell fumes melted my face. We had literally been there 5 minutes when we discovered it. I immediately called Mike and asked if he had one in his room, because I wanted to know if it was safe to drink. He said he had already had some, that dude is insatiable. So we drank a sip. It tasted like prunes. Nancy hated it, but I sucked it down. I wanted to feel just like George Washington did before he freed the slaves. It worked. I'm just Glad there weren't any ghosts trapped in the bottle that I accidentally released. BTW, I'll be talking about ghosts a lot in this blog entry, it's October after all, or as I like to say ROCKtober. I also say ROCKvembr and ROCKecember. In fact I think I call all the months ROCK something or other.

We went for a walk after we put our bags in the room. This town was great. It was really gorgeous. It was the perfect town to visit this time of year. It felt like we were transported back in time about 60 years. I only say that because Christopher Loyd and Micheal J Fox were there.

Here is a cool looking restaurant that was across the street from our Inn. We didn't go inside.

In honor of ROCKtober and fall, here's a pumpkin.

Here's a cool looking sign and Tavern a block down the way from our Inn. We didn't go in here either. To tell you the truth, we had no idea this little town was going to be so cool. We would have planned to stay two nights, so we could check it all out, and do some ghost hunting. BTW, this town is in America.

I'm not sure what this little guy was doing to Nancy, but in retrospect I think I should have beaten him up for it.

But after a closer look I realized it was Michael Jackson and I had nothing to worry about. He's a gay pedophile after all.

I'm a sucker for older buildings and houses. This place caught my eye, it couldn't have been because it's painted pink.

I was falling in love with this town the further we walked, but all my lofty feelings came crashing down when I saw this. I guess the reality is there are no perfect towns, even a quiet little northern colonial town has a problem with drunken homeless dudes. It's a shame, but just a fact of life I guess. We did steal his wallet though, so the story had a happy ending.

On the way back to the Inn, we passed a cool cemetery behind a church.

Oddly enough I have nothing to say about ghost right now. Except that they are AWESOME!

The wedding and reception were at this weird place. It was on this hill. In the center of the whole place was an old mansion. It was at least 150 years old. The interior was covered in wood, oriental rugs and antique furniture. It was definitely haunted.

On the side and behind the place there were motel like rooms. You could stay in the mansion or these outside rooms. The wedding part took place outside behind the mansion. I didn't take any pictures of the wedding because of my uncontrollable sobbing. I did take a couple of pics right after the ceremony though. Mike, the guy that drove up with us, is on the right, and my friend Carl is on the left. That is Carl's girlfriend, I don't remember her name. I'm not too worried about it though, because I'm pretty sure Carl doesn't look at my blog, so I'm 100% positive Carl's girlfriend doesn't either. On the off chance she does, you looked beautiful... uh... ma'am.

The camera was saying that the batteries were dying as we took our walk earlier, so me and Nancy went to a store to buy new ones. The store was called "Variety Store". Upon entering we discovered that up north the word "Variety" roughly translated into "Dollar". We were basically in a high priced dollar store. We buy the batteries and exit this overpriced 99cent store. I open the batteries, throw away the old ones, and insert the new ones. I turn the camera on and the low battery light was still flashing. Needless to say we didn't go back into the store to get batteries that worked, I decided to take our chances. Unfortunately that means we didn't get a lot of pics. DAMN YOU DURACEL AND YOUR SUCKY BATTERY LIFE.

This is where the couple got married. Isn't it cute?

Here's the front of the mansion. If you look closely, you can see my friend Chris on the balcony doing his Michael Jackson dangling a baby impression.

This is the little bar inside the mansion. I want one of these in my house.

Here are a couple pictures of the inside of the mansion. I couldn't think of a good enough organ joke, besides there's a little boy right next to the big organ.

This is Chris from before with his previously dangled son Tucker. I don't know who's more adorable.

Brass doggies, those groggy doggies! Nancy peers over a set of brass dogs.

After the fox hunt, Sir Gibbons likes to relax in his study with a snifter of brandy, then it's off to the stable to beat the butler and other miscellaneous servants with a riding crop for their insolence.

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