Monday, October 15, 2007

10th Aniversary

Hey friends, I just realized it's the 10th anniversary of my very first "real" short film, Fast Driver. I made it in 1997 and sold it to MTV 3 months later. It has since been in several film festivals and on a ton of other TV shows. I don't say this a lot, except about everything I make, but this film has really become a classic.

What better way to celebrate this than by going to the "merch" section of this very website and buy a copy of the DVD. It's only 10 bucks and has tons of cool stuff on it. I know all my readers are going to hop right over there and pick up a copy, so that means, I'll buy one and my mom will buy one. Seriously, I don't have a job, for God's sake, if there is at least 1 millionaire that reads my site, please buy 100 copies. They make great stocking stuffers or Secretaries Day gifts.

If you aren't going to buy one, then look at this instead:

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