Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'm so excited about the upcoming Night-OH-Cabaret's 10 and a Half Year Anniversary Show (btw, tickets are on sale now at Ticket Master or by calling 214-821-7469)!!!! I still can't believe Dana Snyder from Adult Swim is going to be performing. It's going to be super duper awesome!

We got some more good news, Excite-O-Tech is going to help sponsor the show. If you've been a regular to the show for the past 10 and a half years, you no doubt have seen Ron and Don pitching Excite-O-Tech products in the show. But if for some reason you haven't seen those guys talking about what a great company Excite-O-Tech Industries is, here is a link to their website:


Please help us spread the word about the show and get your tickets today!

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SAM said...

that is an awesome website that Excite-O-Tech has. I want to be enslav...employed by them right now. Excite-O-Tech is much better than Cats, I will see it again and again.