Monday, June 1, 2009

Truck and Tractor Trailer

Only 3 weeks left until the HUGE Night-OH-Cabaret show. I'm so freaking excite! It's going to be amazing. Hope you've gotten your tickets and told all your friends. The tickets are selling really well and I really super duper hope we sell out.

My good buddy Mike Geier read a commercial I wrote for the show in his amazing Truck and Tractor Pull announcer voice. I just got done editing the video part and it turned out really fun, check it out.

I've got that butterfly feeling in my gut already for the show. This will be the biggest thing we've ever tried to pull off and it's all starting to sink in. I have a ton of stuff to memorize and get ready for the show.

For the love of Pete, if you've been putting off coming to the show, stop it! Come to this one! It will at the very least be something fun and different to do on a Saturday night.

Love you guys, gotta get back to work.


bucket trucks said...

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Nick Gibbons said...

Thanks, and nice trucks ya got there.

SAM said...

I am so jazzed about this show. I can't wait. I am so EXCITE too.

Nick Gibbons said...

I won't correct my blog so your comment will make sense. I love you Sam.

Anonymous said...

What about O'Cabaret Georgia Branch?

Nick Gibbons said...

That might actually happen Todd.

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